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Adam will you be allowing some or all of the new available races in Volo's Guide to Monsters?

@AdamKoebel This book comes out next Friday to some FLGS stores. They are adding a number of new playable races. Will you allow these races as new players join Court of Swords or when a character dies? There are seven confirmed races so far as seen below. I realize you may not allow Goblins but the Firebolg might be cool. I think it would be really interesting to see a new race in this campaign.


Here is a preview of the Firebolg:


That’s cool, Firebolgs are actually in the Giant family and not Elves although they take their names.


I’ll have to take a look at them and see! I suspect probably at least a few.


Cool man, thanks for replying!

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Now that it’s out. What’s your take on it? I think kobolds are not making an appearance since they are more bestial in the setting but what about the rest?

Another thing to consider is that monster races may not follow the Tarrot like the rest of the Courts. I suspect that would make for some friction (unless they’re a colonialized people).