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Adam will you be allowing some or all of the new available races in Volo's Guide to Monsters?


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@AdamKoebel This book comes out next Friday to some FLGS stores. They are adding a number of new playable races. Will you allow these races as new players join Court of Swords or when a character dies? There are seven confirmed races so far as seen below. I realize you may not allow Goblins but the Firebolg might be cool. I think it would be really interesting to see a new race in this campaign.


Here is a preview of the Firebolg:

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I think I remember him telling Max that he'd let him change out to full blooded Orc when the guide came out.

But even then in the CoS Elves are a recently discovered race, so they're technically new. So new that you can't play them.

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That's cool, Firebolgs are actually in the Giant family and not Elves although they take their names.

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I'll have to take a look at them and see! I suspect probably at least a few.

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Cool man, thanks for replying!

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Now that it's out. What's your take on it? I think kobolds are not making an appearance since they are more bestial in the setting but what about the rest?

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Another thing to consider is that monster races may not follow the Tarrot like the rest of the Courts. I suspect that would make for some friction (unless they're a colonialized people).

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I'd think that monsters have an "alignment" similar to the fire, water, earth, air, and mara. Meaning that courts have a favored group of creatures and disliked groups.