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[Adam] Request for Adam to do 100% improv on one of the episodes

(fellkeeper) #1

We the DM council will assess Adam’s ability to adapt.
No preparations of any kind is allowed in this assessment @AdamKoebel
As CoS is one of his biggest ongoing show , the show will be the choice of battlefield.

(AdamKoebel) #2

you say this as if i haven’t before

(Typoko) #3

If you want to see this in action you can just watch pretty much any of the early episodes where the players just decide to back away without completing their current task. I’m pretty sure Adamn had quite a lot designed for the two orphan children that were trapped in the kobold lair that the players literally stepped 10 feet in and then ran away even when they heard the girl silently singing in the depths of the cavern.