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A Tribute to Geoff

I remember seeing geoff for the first time on the TGS podcast, I remember thinking, “woah this guy has a strong way of speaking”, but then he laughed in that geoff way and he started to grow on me. years later when Swan Song started, he was one of the big reasons I started watching rollplay regularly, he was a huge part of what made that show special to me. I Swan Song is one of the primary reasons I became an illustrator. I don’t know where I would be today without it. I’ve had only a few interactions with geoff directly, but I think it was clear to everyone that he was something akin to a force of nature.

Monday for me, must have been one of the most draining days in my life,I work part time in a do it yourself hardware store that is somewhat understaffed, I read the news on the way to work, I was broken, I told my boss I lost a friend, I didn’t know how to explain what had happened. needless to say the next 10 hours were tough, I tried to keep my feelings at bay that entire day. so when I got home, I saw a request to do the image from Andrew (Drumurboy), I agreed Immediately.

I hope it will help you remember Geoff and appreciate what he did, who he was.

this image is free use, I am linking the full res download, If this link ever goes bad feel free to contact me, and I will facilitate a new one.