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A request for a future Dropped Frames episode

(Macaluso100) #1

So at some point, Smash Bros is going to come out. And then a Dropped Frames is going to come out afterwards. I am begging you to please have someone like Trihex or Shofu on to talk about the game for that particuilar Dropped Frames. You guys had Trihex on after Odyssey came out, and he was such a great guest and had so much to say about it. The difference though is you had also played it so even if Trihex hadn’t been there, you could’ve easily still talked about it.

Smash however, none of the three main cast plays it at all. Yes, I’m making this thread as a gigantic Smash fanboy, and I just want to see it not get simply a “It looks like what fans of that game were wanting” and then moving on. It’s a massive release, one of Nintendo’s biggest games, and I feel it’d be a shame if it got passed over. So I’m beggin’ ya, have someone who is super into Smash, like the aforementioned Trihex or Shofu (those are the first names that come to mind for me) to go in depth about it. @itmeJP