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A Question for Adam about rolls and their modifiers


(OnetasticJoe) #1


Firstly, if this is the wrong place to ask could someone point me in the right direction? New here.

Ive noticed that Adam often says “thats a good/bad roll for you” after a skill check. It had me wondering that does he take the result of the roll differently if theres a modifier on the roll or is it just something hes used to say so its kind of a habit.

Just to clarify here im wondering if he takes the “roll” into consideration more than the “result”? Is a nat 15 roll on a d20 a better roll than a nat 10 roll on a d20 with a +5 modifier?

I hope I could make myself understandable. Love the shows!

(Olf_Himself) #2

I think I get what you’re asking about. I think he bases it on the modifier. A nat 15 is better for someone with a high modifier than someone with a minus modifier for example.
For instance if Zeke rolls a 15 with modifiers on a charisma roll that’s a bad roll for him because his modifiers are so high.
He basically rolled 3 or something on the die. He should be getting in the 20+ range.
But a 15 after modifiers are added on like an intelligence roll for Berg is pretty good because he gets a minus.
I think I’m rambling but maybe I’ve helped a bit.

(Typoko) #3

In short, what Adam means is that they rolled badly even when the result is still decent or rolled well even when the result is only decent.