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A Question for Adam about rolls and their modifiers


Firstly, if this is the wrong place to ask could someone point me in the right direction? New here.

Ive noticed that Adam often says “thats a good/bad roll for you” after a skill check. It had me wondering that does he take the result of the roll differently if theres a modifier on the roll or is it just something hes used to say so its kind of a habit.

Just to clarify here im wondering if he takes the “roll” into consideration more than the “result”? Is a nat 15 roll on a d20 a better roll than a nat 10 roll on a d20 with a +5 modifier?

I hope I could make myself understandable. Love the shows!

I think I get what you’re asking about. I think he bases it on the modifier. A nat 15 is better for someone with a high modifier than someone with a minus modifier for example.
For instance if Zeke rolls a 15 with modifiers on a charisma roll that’s a bad roll for him because his modifiers are so high.
He basically rolled 3 or something on the die. He should be getting in the 20+ range.
But a 15 after modifiers are added on like an intelligence roll for Berg is pretty good because he gets a minus.
I think I’m rambling but maybe I’ve helped a bit.

In short, what Adam means is that they rolled badly even when the result is still decent or rolled well even when the result is only decent.

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