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A love letter to Rollplay


(livingupondeath) #1

Dear Rollplay,
Before I start I'll be honest, I haven't been around for almost two years. There's a few reasons for this, the first being that I went on summer vacation for two months and had no internet access for the duration of the trip and that caused a break in my otherwise regular content input. The second reason is a little more complicated because it involves real life, and the result of that didn't give me any particular reason to watch Rollplay (aka I didn't feel like it).
Recently I opened my calendar and noticed that my Rollplay anniversary was coming up. I had put it in there about a year after I started watching the show, that is, a Sunday evening Week 15 of Rollplay D&D (now Solum). Noticing the date on my calendar coincided with a friend of mine asking if I wanted to organize a campaign and record it as a podcast. Maybe it wasn't a coincidence. I decided to watch some Rollplay for old times sake and picked up from where I'd left off on Week 21 of Swan Song. I had forgotten how good that show was! I'm still bingeing it right now (week 33).
Rollplay has marked a whole arc of my life. Funnily, I remember how I felt after certain encounters better then IRL events. I remember when Tudagub was drunk and commanded Abigail to strip, I remember Beargor, I remember Vincent's duel gone wrong, I remember the Banon affair (that whole session debating on how to enter the crypt), I remember trying to portal over a dragon and needing to use the wish ring for that one thing. A lot happened. Miscommunications, people leaving and joining, different systems, R&D, Dark Heresy, Swan Song, West Marches. One show became five.
Though I wasn't around for a while, I kept making links between the four hour sessions I would secretly stay up to watch, and my own life. I started puzzling over questions of moral. Characters like Banon, Azril, Prosper, Victarian and to some extent Higgs kept me realizing that the line between good and bad is very fine, that faith is a confusing phenomenon, that evil is a matter of point of view.
The beautiful thing about Rollplay is its growth. Not only the shows but also the community. I remember videos with 4k views. Now when I scroll through JP’s channel it's kind of nostalgic. I loved all the fanfic, the art, the discussions, we all do our part in our own little way.
This letter is my part for not being around in a while.
I want to thank you all, not only JP but everyone involved for turning it into what it became, what it is now. In some weird way you have raised me through my high school years of boredom and loneliness. For keeping me awake and human, thank you.
You got me through thick and thin in more ways than I would admit.
Merci mille fois merci,
I love you,
Yours truly,
Pon (aka Livingupondeath)

(TheDesec) #2

Mirrors exactly what RollPlay means to me! :itmejpcute::itmejpgg: