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A Court of Swords Tarot Deck/Major Arcana (Spoiler Territory)


(Twitch: Solum31) #1

Court of Swords has established and developed multiple characters, as well as provided very memorable moments. My question to all of you is: If there were to be a tarot deck themed after CoS (which there totally should be) which characters or scenes would best describe a card in the deck? A very easy example would be Hazan or Berg representing The Tower, or Grasping Hands representing The Devil. This could be either just a pure card appearance view or a view on the card's meaning (Like the 6 of Pentacles looks like the scene with the "greedy beggers," but that scene might not exactly represent the universal meaning of the 6 of Pentacles.) We aren't done with the story that is CoS so I can understand maybe waiting to think about who would represent what, but there's nothing wrong with speculating :wink:

Let's be honest here. There has to be a CoS themed Tarot Deck once the series is over. I mean that's pretty much a given.

(Might be Captain Marvel) #2

This could be a great poster/wallpaper idea :itmejpo:

(DesmondDentresti) #3

I think Azriel is the face of The Hanged Man.

He is constantly in bed with the devils and with every agreement is justifying himself to the party but he knows that the path he has trodden is warping behind him and he may never find his way back on it again.

The Berg argument in Week 33 made him realise that his actions have consequences and the choices he has made concerning Berg are an ongoing complication, not just complicated his past.

(Darkvlagor) #4

0. Fool New beginnings, spontaneity, innocence

  • Zawaz Wazaz mostly works for the reverse Fool, but fits quite well :itmejpgmlol:
  • Thui could also fit
  • Jubilant Black Gale randomly following those adventurers to discover the world

1. Magician Creativity, power, manifestation

  • The Elemental Orb It carries the power of Creation after all, and comes from a time where order just began

2. High Priestess Mystery, intuition, inner-knowing, self trust, discovering your own truth

  • Na'hana could fit, she has discovered her God and carry His word now

3. Empress Nurturing, abundance, fertility, motherly figure

  • Gideon Throwing shit around, healing everyone, making sure everyone was safe ? Like a Mother Wolf with her pups, fitting for a druid

4. Emperor Authority, order, structure

  • Zephyra Awen she was quiet, calm, collected and had a military background

5. Hierophant Institutions, education, tradition

  • Old Kenku The one they met in the Spear Temple maybe ?
  • Old Blind Dude The Tea Shop guy ! He has given some advice to th party right ?

6. Lovers Love, choices, partnerships

  • Berg and Vortex (what was her name again ?) Aww first time we saw love, and love carry through death... even if there is only one bone left (reminds me of a dwarven rogue huehue)

7. Chariot Ambition, confidence, victory

  • The Rock Gnome King He won the war against the forest gnomes after all, and he was confident in his armor against Azriel. Fitting for the reversed charriot as well.

8. Strength Self-assurance, self-control, self-belief, strength through personal power & not violence

  • The Big, The Silver tong, The Grumpy monk can't remember their names tho, but they were pretty badass

9. Hermit Introspection, contemplation, enlightenment

  • Old Berg ?

10. Wheel of Fortune Luck, opportunity, changes, the cycle of life, fate

11. Justice balance and equilibrium, truth, fairness, responsibility

12. Hanged Man breaking patterns, a crisis, giving something up, burden

  • Azriel Tots agree with @DesmondDentresti, maybe he is chained to Berg to symbolize the burden
  • Thui walking with the magistrates (Thuy ?) She was a burden, a responsibility to the magistrates. Just as Berg was for Azriel

13. Death Endings, mortality, transformation, renewal, rebirth

  • Hazan bringing Ramus back to life or Death carrying the head of the fallen
  • TPK monsters A collection of the monters that killed the parties (Shadows, Dragon monstrosity)
  • Berg's bloody hands A very good suggestion by @Adubuu, Berg has been reborn twice and plays with some dark necromancy. Moreover, a lot of PCs blood was needed in order to step out of the Wheel

14. Temperance Harmony, balance, moderation

  • Baern Hillstern is the obvious choice

15. Devil Temptation, enslavement, materialism, addictions

  • Grasping Hands I agree with @The_Epic_Failer, this NPC is the focus point of the journey

16. Tower Destruction, ruin, catastrophe

  • Hazan and Berg obvious choice as suggested, and it follows up pretty nicely with the Devil

17. Star Hope, happiness, optimism, renewal

  • Persnidgetron After the Tower almost destroyed his people, Hope arised once he met the party (he could be Chariot thos he wasn't confident in his shots #+7ToHit lol)

18. Moon Illusion, hidden things, mystery, falsehoods

  • Na'hana leading the party to the temple She didn't straight up said "am gonna free an ancient serpent God" after all right ? She still fit better as the High Priestess tho
  • Shapshifting Gideon @The_Epic_Failer is right when he say that we didn't know much about Gideon, but it's also true for other short lived character. Tho the shapshifting is on point
    ( "I'm a shapshifteeerrrrr, at Poe's masquaraaade")

19. Sun Life, energy, vitality, joy, enlightenment, warmth, manifestation, happiness, riches

  • Ramus Krill Because the Devil is already taken, let's be honest "Enjoying Life" the way he said it presumed excess

20. Judgement Redemption, rebirth, an awakening

21. World Completion, fulfillment, possibilities, outcomes

  • Guests Characters each of them have and will set possibilities and outcomes in the world after their quests are complete

wow that's a lot !
For those who wants more insight on the Tarot, I suggest you take a look at 's mobile app ! It's sooo good and pretty ! And is a great memo for the tarot

If y'all have ideas I'll update the list, I love that stuff :adamwizard:

(Twitch: Solum31) #5

This is awesome! I agree with all of this. Perhaps the fight with the Mutant Dragon could be a big representation of Death. And not just because it killed a few players :itmejprekt: but because the aftermath of the scenario completely changed the setting of the story (at least in a meta sense.) One could say.. renewed. That being said, the .. Wraith? (whatever killed the party in the prologue) could also be a good representation of death.

Also! Perhaps Azure would be a fitting representation of the hermit since she kinda was one when we came across her in the story. The party seemed to love to get Azure's opinion on the matter at hand, and if I remember correctly she usually had some deep thoughts she wasn't afraid to share to the party

(Darkvlagor) #6

Yeeeaah I thought about the Hermit for Azure, but the Hermit is about self-reflection rather than finding a truth about another subject (here the orb). Tho it works for the isolation part !

Death should be a symbol of all the monsters, today it might be a mutant dragon, tomorrow it might be something else, you know what I mean ? A combination of the TPKs could work tho !

(Adubuu) #7

I'd personally let Hassan/Hazan(Spelling?) be the tower by himself and make Berg death. Berg has been stalked by death from his arrival; almost everyone he has any lengthy contact with dies. He has been reborn into a new life twice (his freedom from slavery, and now his journey with the Tower) and so on. More than that, he gained an inherent power to renew himself with the life energy of others. His journey with the tower has only just begun, and while he has been plagued with catastrophe, most of the destruction and ruin around him has been very close and personal death.

Interesting topic discussion all round, though.

(putridcheese) #8

So when do we start this project? :smiley:

(Twitch: Solum31) #9

Now that we have a known artist in the topic I think that might be said artist's call :stuck_out_tongue:

(Twitch: Solum31) #10

Though The Empress might be more fitting all around, I think Gideon representing The Moon has its merits. Mainly because if I remember correctly Gideon was a devout follower of The Moon and Gideon is a mysterious guy. We never really found out the whole story behind his crime and now we probably never will. Also shape shifting might not be an illusion spell but it does pretty much look like an illusion :grin:

(putridcheese) #11

Stranger things have happened in the Court of Swords. :stuck_out_tongue:

(putridcheese) #12

Sample? It's kinda hard to relate a sphere to a Magician.

(Twitch: Solum31) #13

Holy moly that's incredible :open_mouth: I think that looks awesome!

Keep in mind this is your creation and whatever you portray the tarot as is your decision! If the orb just doesn't fit as the card in a visual sense then don't worry about it!

The adventurer having the same posture as the traditional tarot card magician is a nice touch! I think the magician is a 1 numeral though ha but that's the ONLY thing I can see off about it :slight_smile:

I wonder if @AdamKoebel could implement your cards in CoS if you made some more? Tha'd be rad!:adamwizard:

(putridcheese) #14

Totally forgot, Arcana starts counting from 0.

Anybody remember what Zzawazz was wearing before he died? I think I have to rewatch eps for some inspiration.