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A Cameraman Player Character

So i commonly watch CoS on youtube and i know i cant be the only one that is bump down when JP character gets out of light reach or even blind , because then i dont see shit of the action, or some times another character goes a different path and i cant see his “adventure”. So i thought that it would be great if the “vision” of the spectator was the sum of the vision of all the character (i dont want the full vision of all the thing, because that would destroy the surprises that Adam could have), so it would be cool and i think it could be rather easy (at least i think so) that JP could create a PC that his only job was to be like the “cameramen”.

Do you guys understand my idea?

PD: English is not my first language, sorry for any mistake :slight_smile:

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Interesting idea, but I have no idea how much more work would that require from JP.

Fast forward to around 17:15 into the video and JP and Adam shows what we’re hoping to create for the shows in the future.


Cool stuff, i hadn’t seen that, it would be great when they can implement it and i was hoping that they were working on something like that, but my proposal was more short term to benefit the viewing experience (only if it is simple to implement of course :grin:)

Well his new character has dark vision so for now we’re good. :itmejpgg:

I like the idea. By the way your English is better than that of some English folk. Good work :+1: