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A bunch of questions for Q1 of 2018


I’ve been hospitalized (spine trauma, but it’s getting better now) and finally got home at last, but missed out on a lot of stuff. Anyone watching the regular streams will probably know this:

  1. Will there be a contest for ship/show name for the new SWN game like there was for SwanSong?
  2. Is JP moved in the new place already? Can’t figure out where he’s at on stream.
  3. Any dates for ‘The Jesse Cox Show’ or the SWN game yet? They set a plan for early April, is that still true?
  4. Any discussion about oneshots? I’m interested to see Masks in particular, so does anyone have secret news from Aureliyan/Anne/Kaitlyn about this third episode?
  5. I am hoplessly desynced from time. Did Dodger and Strippin have a baby already? I feel like I was gone a year. Did they say they’re up for Rollplay. Can’t imagine them streaming with the newborn around, but weirder things happened on Twitch.
  6. There’s been talks of an extra DM, is Jesse it? He’s got one hour a week, so is JP still looking for a third or what’s going on that scene?
  7. How do you join the faction game for SWN? Any news feed on that front? Can I actually join a forum thread or Discord channel to get updated?

Is Dark Heresy coming back maybe?

  1. There hasn’t been any mention of a contest. Adam and JP have been arguing about the show name behind the scenes.
  2. JP has moved into the new place, but not into his office yet.
  3. The shows took longer than expected to cast, but it was announced yesterday that the last two cast members had been selected. I’d expect there’ll be an announcement of the show start dates in the next week or so.
  4. Nothing has been teased about future onesots afaik. Except maybe this.
  5. Dodger is still very pregnant.
  6. I don’t think there has been any recent talk about getting another GM besides Jesse.
  7. There is going to be a dedicated discord for it. If you’re a patron at any level, you’ll get an invite once it exists. Just make sure to link your accounts.

Dark Heresy is dead as can be.
Steven has been GMing various other places around the internet though.


Super big thanks!
All good news :slight_smile:
DH question was a joke :slight_smile:

Oh and
7. Link which accounts?

No problem!

I suppose that has been a meme for quite a while, eh?

Patreon and Discord

Oh, and welcome back!


Good to be back :slight_smile:

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