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80s sci fi pen and paper rpg kickstarter!


(Gholgrim) #1

This is the kickstarter:

Seems to be very inspired by stranger things and the like.
What are your thoughts? could it be a cool rollplay show?

(TheDesec) #2

If the video does not start for you in the embedded player, try clicking the kickstarter "K" in the top left corner and watch the video there. :+1:

As an 80s kid, the setting looks indeed interesting.

The game engine of Tales from the Loop RPG is based on our previous game Mutant: Year Zero, that was awarded with a Silver ENnie for Best Rules at Gencon 2015, and used also in Coriolis - The Third Horizon.

Don't know either of those games. Anyone got some info/opinions on the ruleset?

(Liorean) #3

As they are Swedish games, and the game that introduced Roleplaying in Sweden was "Drakar och Demoner" (DoD/D&D, not to be confused with DnD/D&D), and the original system of DoD was an almost straight translation of the Basic Role Playing system by Chaosium, the earlier versions of Mutant were all BRP-mods.

Whether Mutant: Year Zero is a BRP mod or not, I don't know, but the earlier Mutant versions were BRP.

In other words, Tales from the Loop is probably 35 years of gradual modifications on the BRP system.

(Liorean) #4

Actually, as it seems, they replaced the BRP system in Mutant: Year Zero, so Tales from the Loop is a dice pool game, not a BRP game.

(the_pizza_party) #5

the 3180s are a very popular time in which to set things it seems.