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2016 Year in Review


(itmeJP) #1

Thanks for making this past year such an amazing one. I can't wait to see what happens in 2017!


Awesome stuff, look forward to 2017 on the channel.

What on earth is that mid-way follower spike? Legion launch?

(Twitch: cyan_83) #3

Thank you Sir for all the awesome content! Have a happy new year, and don't stress out so much <3

(itmeJP) #4

It was Overwatch, we got like 17k follows or something during the 24hr stream.

(LlamaFist) #5

I was thinking the same thing. That, and holy shit that is a lot of hours playing Overwatch.

(Moose2033) #6

Where did this data get pulled from? The line graphs seem a little wonky with 25 and 18 data points respectively and haphazard readings taken.

(Twitch: LiveSpace) #7

Twinge and Twitch dashboard

(DrewM87) #8

Congrats JP, hard work does pay off!

(MrKlazsh) #9

looking forward to 2017!

(Nutah) #10

Wow huge congratz to you JP!!! That overwatch jump is awesome and I'm really happy to see the community grow! It can only mean more awesome RollPlay + Dropped Frames and streaming shows in higher quality! Love the all the content on this channel! And I can't wait to become a patron next month :slight_smile:

Congratz again