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itmeJP Community

2016 Year in Review

Thanks for making this past year such an amazing one. I can’t wait to see what happens in 2017!


Awesome stuff, look forward to 2017 on the channel.

What on earth is that mid-way follower spike? Legion launch?

Thank you Sir for all the awesome content! Have a happy new year, and don’t stress out so much <3

It was Overwatch, we got like 17k follows or something during the 24hr stream.

I was thinking the same thing. That, and holy shit that is a lot of hours playing Overwatch.

Where did this data get pulled from? The line graphs seem a little wonky with 25 and 18 data points respectively and haphazard readings taken.

Twinge and Twitch dashboard

Congrats JP, hard work does pay off!

looking forward to 2017!

Wow huge congratz to you JP!!! That overwatch jump is awesome and I’m really happy to see the community grow! It can only mean more awesome RollPlay + Dropped Frames and streaming shows in higher quality! Love the all the content on this channel! And I can’t wait to become a patron next month :slight_smile:

Congratz again