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RollPlay Patreon: Year Two


(DrewM87) #131

it's a tip, twitch streamers have to report the money you give them in their tax forms at the end of the year and they can't claim that money as "donations" because they're not charities.

they're technically tips.

no question.

(Joshkie1973) #132

I just want to know how to best help @itmeJP to get better consistency in the shows with out giving the mistaken impression that I care about the other fluff (Those the RollPlay party meatup idea has merit.) Not get side tracked onto incidental manusha of what to call the extra money given outside of Subscribing to JP twitch becoming a Subporter on Patreon.

(DrewM87) #133

there's no way to get consistency, streamers and content creators all have their own businesses/careers to worry about. They'll always go to conventions (unless they don't feel like it) and they'll always choose sponsorships that interest them over Rollplay. it's how it is.

Whatever consistency Rollplay gets is really a perk and because of JPs hard work and the friendships or relationships he's built with those people. That they're willing to appear on shows 4 hours a week or every other week instead of streaming or creating their own content.

Obviously there's an incentive for them to appear on Rollplay, and that's "exposure" to a new audience that might not be familiar with them, but yeah, I think you get my point.

(Joshkie1973) #134

But you missed my point, which was as a business if you want consistancy you can not rely on the good will of your friends (I'm not sure but I'm guessing JP compensates the guests in someway, but that is a guest.), because as you pointed out then any oportunity to get paid bumps RollPlay to the bottom of their priority list.

I know of one perminant employee of Critical Fail Productions LLC Adam, but what about the new DM, and Is John not coming back at all.

What about that schedular/show-runner and treating cast members as tempoary contract labbor. Streamers often already take contracts that obligate them to stream a certain amount of time for different products with penalities if they fail to live up to their end of the bargain. So is it doesn't seem to me to be all far fetched to get a show runner/scheduler to handle the booking of the shows along with handling any contracts. This without me knowing what the budgeting constrants or how the backend finances are currently handled. So there mostlikely tens of hindreds of things I'm not taking into consideration.

This all me thinking outlound and things @itmeJP has probsbly already thought of and doesn't work for him and his channel.

(Twitch: uzling) #136

I see the number of ppl supporting Rollplay daily going down, this makes me pritty sad. Sins we cant see the overall USD ammount atm its hard to know where we are atm. Im one of thoes ppl who payed 20 USD before, now the same tier cost 10 USD.. cool deal for me. The thing is I wanted to support with alest 20 usd a month, and sins im not in the US the signed poster (45usd) is not an option for me. After a nice talk with a nice mod on JPs twitch channel I found out that there is litterly an option to support the 10 usd tier with another ammount of money. In other words, if you as a person find you want to support with around 10 to 40 usd a month you can simply choose the 10 usd tier and then afterwards put in the ammount you want to support with.

(Landwaker) #137

Thank you JP for the Q&A video, I appreciated the discussion and am adapting to the post-goals world. :wink:


For those that have been asking. Yes cast gets compensation, I think that's been stated before but maybe not clearly. Don't forget graphics and logos are not without investments. I have a contract and it's between my company and CFP. I hope that clears things up a bit.

I've not seen the Patreon Q&A so maybe that's already covered in there.

(Joshkie1973) #139

It was answered; though, I was an Hour late to the party.


Oh well next time.

(boeiee) #140

There is a vod that you can watch, if you go to the page linked in the patreon post. You can click on the questions in the bottom left and the answers are timestamped
EDIT: around ~39 mins into the vod he talks about how the funds are distributed across all things rollplay

(Darkvlagor) #141

This was the best year :itmejp10:

(Joshkie1973) #142

Thanks I saw it. But after it was over. I had type a quick reply without editing it.

Thanks anyways, for thought.

(TheOgreSmash) #143

So far have there been no post-shows? Or at least, I'm not seeing them at the base tier?

(Possibly Batman) #144

Post-Shows are normally reserved for ongoing series and not one shots. They will pick back up once Nebula Jazz and Court of Swords happen again I assume

No post-show for the oneshots?