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RollPlay: Blades Update 7/25

Yes!! More Anne on Rollplay would be fantastic :itmejpbro:


its just weird seeing all the cast on other shows regularly sans john. i understand why the vagueness but it just makes me question.

that being said as soon as you announced the show was ending on a certain episode # that killed my interest in the show. i really prefer shows that feel natural and in my mind it assured a certain outcome for the show that made the show lose a lot of intrigue

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I think forcing it has a tendency to lead it to feel phoned in, but I agree that consistency is a key part of the health of the show. It’s a real conundrum. As for Blades specifically, I think a time skip for a one shot finale might be the best idea. Even handwaving a lot of their targets such that the one shot is only them going after the ‘big bad’ could work. One tight session to finish it off.

Thanks for all you do, JP, it’s not nothing, and the vast majority see how much work it must be and have nothing but respect for you. Thanks for being open with us.


Thank you for the update and keeping us in the loop. I appreciate it.

I think with all Rollplay, whether it be Rollplay or just DnD in general, every show has places for learning and improving, whether that be casting or consistency or meeting original goals and sticking with them or scheduling or scheduling breaks or any and everything else. I’m glad that that seems to be the attitude you all are taking with Blades and moving forward.

It does kind of suck, but I know it sucks for the cast and JP just as much if not more than it does for the community. I am eager for the eventual conclusion of Blades - waiting doesn’t bother me. If it’s not in the cards I’d rather let it go than force something unsatisfying.

I look forward to seeing what you all put out next.
Again, thank you.

I’d love to see this work out somehow. maybe do a two parter to finish it off as it was already getting close to where it was intending to end.

But I prefer it being done, than there being a question about whether it will happen from week to week for the next few months.

That said, if something gets sorted out in a few months and the show can get a conclusion I will be there with bells on!

Yeah no joke about Ann on Rollplay. For someone whos first RPG experience was on Rollpllay…she’s freaking amazing.

I also want to give a shout out to JP for being awesome with all the production of these Rollplay Shows. You provide us with some awesome content with keeping everything on track and look forward to all the future shows.

I am disappointed that Blades wont be having an ending any time soon if ever but I do hope that we’ll get a Swan Song style movie special live show one day.


Hey Anne can I talk to you about our Lord and Saviour the Burning Wheel :adamwheel:


I’m getting that Shadowrun itch too…


Damm. I’m gutted but I understand. You got there with Swan Song. I hope same happens, in time, with Blades.

Keep up the good work establishing shows like Blades, Nebula Jazz, Swan Song, Mirrorshades etc, I’m looking forward to your next set of announcements.

Well, so it goes I suppose. I do hope we see more of John Harper though. I quite enjoy his DMing.


No worries. Life has it’s ups and downs and family is more important than D&D. Hope everyone is OK and takes the time they need. We’ll be here whenever the show is ready to come back.

We need more of @AnneMunition! :slight_smile:

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I can only chime in to what people are saying here. Sure it’s a bummer, but I know how hard it is to schedule with people who have a ton of other things pulling them in all manner of weird directions (and that is before factoring in vacations and general SNAFUS).
Maybe we get a swan song deal down the line, if so I’ll watch it live even if it wrecks my normal sleeping schedule. But until then I’m just going to try and schedule my own little adventures in Duskvol with my buddies!

:itmejpgg: to ya @itmeJP this is the kind of transparency we’re waiting for !
Looks like we won’t have a smooth end, but there is nothing we can do about it.

I think we’ll get consistency with time tho, there is a rythm to learn when you have players around the table. On a business perspective, getting the climax of a campaign before a long hiatus (because of life/work stuff) is like any other long term projects. Getting used to external circumstances is the hardest part, thanksfully y’all are a talented bunch of people and I know you’ll do great :itmejphappy:

I mean, I would. I watch Doctor Who. Waiting years for one episode isn’t exactly a new phenomenon.

I also would. Just make it a one shot finale.

I would like to see Blood Letters and the Final Word go out in a blaze of glory in their respective shows. And then we can launch a show using the good-guy supplement to see the other side :slight_smile:

We could just ask @OneSevenDesign, @AnneMunition, @iNcontroLTV, @djWHEAT and @Ezekiel_III to rollplay the end here on the community forum. I’d be like sending savegames back and forth, but we can watch… slowly… :itmejplol::itmejpcheese:

No, please don’t do that.

However - Transparency-5 @itmejp :itmejpfist:

Not sure how I missed this thread.

But good to know.

@itmeJP Thought is it possible to do something with the differing Twitch sub levels; say something like where we as subscribers know that anything over the base $5 level goes to incentivizing consistence, say if I up my sub level I know the extra is going to support the DM and players.

So this way we have a more tangable incentive and motivation to up oursub level other than a vague sense that the extra money goes to suporting channel generaly.

Just a Though.

Trying not to be yhat guy that just complains without prividing a sugested solution to the problem?

Yeah I missed this thread too.

thank you for doing it JP, helps ease the (minor) anguish!

I think I speak for everyone by saying we just basically need to clone DJ Wheat so he can be everywhere. (Not that I’m blaming him but the man is so damn busy lol)