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[RollPlay: Blades Q&A] Episode 14: Helker Skelter

I just imagine Lissa as being Penélope Cruz’s character, Angelica, from Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides.

Also, there was one point that @OneSevenDesign said “the jig is up” and I had Renegade by styx stuck in my head for the rest of the episode lol.

So this is more of a general question for @OneSevenDesign. [spoiler]For those of us who know what exactly goes into the tattoos @AnneMunition is starting to get for Rune, is there any chance we might see her become… “compromised”?[/spoiler]

I don’t usually answer questions that ask me to tell you what will happen in the future. We’re… you know… making a show about that.

That’s fair enough. character limit

Got that image after this episode.

BTW, awesome episode! You crimed real good! :itmejptip::itmejpgg:

What ended up happening with the big reveal at the end of episode 13? (I’m talking about whats her name being a ghost)

It felt kinda like a big deal and you guys even said that you’d start the next episode at that moment so that you could play it out (if I remember correctly). Then this episode we get a time jump and the whole think is skipped over seemingly not that big a deal.

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the big reveal was posted in the post-episode thread but in case you missed it, it was this conspiracy map:

there is a lot of info here that hasnt been fleshed out but some things of note(placing in spoiler tags in case you dont want to read this part)
[spoiler]Aldo’s sister belle was apparently an initiate of a spirit warden. When Rune channeled her, she talked about pursuing living forever. That the ring Cattaby displayed is actually an ancient artifact that is part of destroying the demon setarra and there are at least 3 to be found[/spoiler]

Oh sorry I should have been more specific, I meant the whole ghost thing. Whats her name actually being a ghost possessing a body. I felt that was a pretty big deal that kinda got skipped over.

[spoiler]It was that she was part of this secret society of ghosts known as the Reconciled who have found a way to keep from having their personalities degrade over time like normal ghosts do.

Traditionally in the lore, ghosts here are like ghosts in Supernatural and the Dresden Files. After rising, there’s some part of them that is missing or perhaps being sequestered by whatever desire they’re focusing on. And over time, they become obsessed with a singular desire until all of the rest of their personality ceases to exist. They’ll reach a point that instead of avenging the death of themselves and their family, they are instead killing everyone and anyone just for kicks and giggles.

So they’re also a lot like Hollows from Bleach in that respect.

The only two ways for ghosts to escape that fate are to either become Vampires or Reconciled. Vampires are ghosts who have possessed a living body and have devoured the original occupying soul, if I recall correctly. Although, I guess possessing a Hollow could work as well. But basically, they become anchored to the body and as a result, the decay stops. Originally I imagined as the two souls somehow become bonded but I think I’ve been told that isn’t how it works.

The Reconciled have somehow found a way to remain pure ghosts, but without decaying as well.

This all goes into explaining the Church of Ecstasy and how it wants to destroy ghosts and instead find a way for normal humans to become demons, like the principal from Buffy.

And this is opposite the Path of Echoes, who apparently want all of Humanity to become super ghosts, and destroy the demon threat.

As a result, all three groups have a heavy interest in the Artifacts of Kotar(sp?), as it is believed that the artifacts can be used to destroy demons, empower demons, destroy ghosts, and enslave ghosts. So Carriless wants them to become a demon and/or destroy Setarra, the Church wants them to become demons and destroy ghosts, the Path wants them to destroy demons, and the Reconciled wants to destroy them to prevent them from being used on ghosts.[/spoiler]

At least, that’s how I think everything works out.

[spoiler]EDIT: I guess it should also be said that while on the one hand, while it was chronologically a “small” reveal, it was huge lore dump since most of this stuff isn’t even in the rulebook. At least, it wasn’t on release I don’t think unless I just missed something massive lol.[/spoiler]


Yep, that’s right, @Kol_Saresk. Check out the faction entries in the book for the Circle of Flame and the Church of Ecstasy to see where the lore stuff is mentioned.

Salia’s reveal as one of the reconciled is something that will continue as we play more. For the beginning ep of S2, we wanted to jump in to a mission instead of talking to her more. But we haven’t forgotten it. :slight_smile:

Can someone please tell JP to press Go on the final part of E14? I want to be ready for E15 Live.

@OneSevenDesign @itmeJP

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Alright cool, the lore sounds awesome and I can’t wait to have it find its way into play more often over the next season.

I guess I was just expecting a bit more stuff to happen in character between the PC’s and Salia, especially considering a lot of their backgrounds. (Though I’m sure flashbacks can take care of some of that).

It also might have been a bit better for the players to have an NPC give them a lore dump in character rather then just the narrator, might be a bit easier for them to remember. Having your nan tell you stories about her childhood over reading from the textbook in school and all that.

It also solidifies for the player that my character knows this, so you don’t have to worry about meta gaming or anything like that. And they can point to a specific in game moment for a who and when the knowledge was learned.

Anyway loving it all so far keep it up!

Yeah, of course. An in-character explanation would be a better technique, obviously.

But in-character dialogue takes a lot longer (easily twice as long), and we didn’t want to delay the mission stuff any more than we had to. While one viewer is loving the long infodump in-character, another is bored and anxious to get to the assassin action.

Choices have to be made. We don’t have infinite time, so certain things have to be done to fit the format for the show.

Setting Q, @OneSevenDesign how many people live in Doskvol?

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