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Player Character Pride


(Jewbobicus) #42

Berg was a former slave...falling into that role makes a lot of sense even if he's trying to fight against it. IIRC he was brought up as a slave. Old habits are hard to break.

A paladin would still consider his collateral damage to innocents. To start a brawl in the establishment where damage could happen or others be hurt would be more out of character. Just because you would play things full of fire and brimstone, doesn't mean it makes the most sense, or that anyone else should. There are many reasons to justify what the characters do, and few to justify your suggestion.

EDIT: I might have replied to the wrong post...the thread organization is just awful

(TwoToneTerran) #43

It is perfectly reasonable and usual for a GM to stat up important NPCs the way you do a PC.

(UmbraSanctum) #44

To a certain degree, I agree with this. Like Adam had hinted at, I think the fear of death or worse has shunted the normal behavior we'd see in the characters as they strive for survival. I'd almost consider it some form of trauma.

(UmbraSanctum) #45

Being 5th level would explain the lack of surprise or being cowed in the face of an angry angel.

(UmbraSanctum) #46

D'awww. Well thanks for making a great series! :wink:

This is the only platform for roleplaying games you can watch online in which the producers are as active with the fans as you guys are. Responding to our thoughts and questions like you do has given birth to such a loyal fanbase, complete strangers will get somewhat heated in a debate over the details--as seen here. Lol. Keep up the good work, and again, thank you for your clarifications.

(TwoToneTerran) #47

Heck at this point the trauma is the players' rather than the characters'.

(UmbraSanctum) #48

I can respect this outlook. Those are good points I hadn't considered. It is true most paladins would consider collateral damage to be avoided, and with the circumstances akin to self preservation and recent traumatic events pushing for peaceful resolution or even fear I can understand the reactions taken somewhat. One thing I wanted to point out that does help support a bit of my stance:

Azrael has tenets. Two of which I'd say do not outright counter your suggestion, but would at the least support why I'm thinking as I am currently. The By Any Means Necessary tenet would suggest that collateral damage is not generally on the forefront of a vengeance paladin's mind. Now this monk that hit him wasn't a Mara, no, but an enemy no doubt, as she did attack him with lethal damage, and represented a corrupt group. This of course doesn't mean collateral damage is never thought about, only that it's likely not something often kept in mind to overshadow justice or revenge. The Restitution tenet suggests also that Azrael might care more about how this group is affecting the populace than things like property damage or more centralized notions like self preservation or fear (paladin->fear). Not that I think he needs it, but I'm sure if @DansGaming ever wants inspiration for what he thinks his character would do, the tenets he follows would be great reference.

In regards to the barbarian, that point makes an excellent amount of sense, as even in an episode where the barbarian and the rogue went off and swindled some dwarves, Max did state that his character more or less fell in line at one point with old habits from when he was a slave. This is a tendency I can now see. Perhaps I assumed that was the source of his rage and because of that, it would make more sense to lash out when treated as such as seen in an accounts of former slaves, but then again I should not assume.

Thank you for the perspective.

(morgrath6) #49

This is a fantastic comparison to draw, thanks for pointing it out. As in 40k, the actual good guys are in a constant struggle between their ideals and the harsh realities of life in the Courts, in this case. They're on a knife edge, because to get shit done, to get to where their morals are guiding them, they need to make decisions and do things that are either against their morals or at least morally ambiguous.

(Jewbobicus) #50

I see where you are coming from in regards to the paladin and their tenets. I have trouble divorcing 5e paladin, from traditional notions ingrained in me from pathfinder and such. However, I am sincerely hoping that in the future we will see divine retribution on a grander scale. She was just a cog in their machine. He wants to break the entire machine. If that's the plan, it will be glorious.