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[ONE SHOT Q&A] For the Guard!


(AdamKoebel) #1

Thanks for coming everyone!

If you want to see more mouse guard check out or for some folks taking the game for a longer spin.

Hope you had fun!

RollPlay Viewers Guide (One Shots 2017+) - Wiki
(Konges) #2

Of all the one shots so far, I really hope that this one becomes a full show!

(thyL) #3

Nothing specific, just putting out there that I love RollPlay Oneshots experimenting and adventuring out with different systems and settings.
You always get together such good casts and again tonight you guys delivered. Jesse, Trist, Bikeman are all awesome and I'd love to see more of them in future RollPlay shows. In this cast or another. And Zeke, just stay who you are and stay part of RollPlay here and there. :smiley:

@JP, any technical problems today? I listened more than I watched, so sorry that I can't give much input. But apart from me not being super into the style (or theme, the colors and fonts basically) of the show's overlay, it looked pretty good.

(sythmaster) #4

Awesome one-shot! Always like seeing new systems for these!

No real questions for you Adam, but its always fun to see how the prep and the live thing change!

As far as the New Overlays, I really liked most of it. The numbers* threw me at first, but by the 2nd or 3rd hour I had already gotten use to them. I was extremely happy to see the Beliefs/Instincts/Goals added to the overlay!

I would definitely consider the new overlays a success! The font size on the rolling table is a bit small when the map view was up, but the switch to the larger view on the Skills/Character overlay fixed all of that so it wasn't a huge concern.

Edit: *numbers meaning the numbers associated w/ camera slots and charater names/twitter handles.

(Ragestrike) #5

Give us more Give us more!

(Twitch: adfraech) #6

Loved the show today! I have a soft spot in my heart for Mouse Guard.

For @itmeJP and @TwitchSurgeon on the new overlays:
I really liked them for they seemed more organized, and how much more of the roll20 log we could see. I had a bit of trouble reading the font today because I was on my laptop, maybe a higher contrast colour would have helped?
And my last thought, I think the new layout will really shine if you decide to take it over to a show like CoS where the bigger map has more use.

Again, great oneshot!

(Karamor) #7

While I'm still waiting for another Dogs one shot, this was a lot of fun and something like a 5-10 session campaign dealing with this intrigue plot could be a really great show.

Bike and Jesse were awesome new players. Only Trist seemed to be a bit distracted today.

(Samuraiking75) #8

I really enjoyed the show tonight. As with any One Shot, though, parts of it felt maybe a bit rushed through and I don't think we got nearly as much of the RP elements as I was hoping for. I loved the dynamic of the group with Trist antagonizing everyone and Bike and Fairlight being at odds for leadership. I would love to have all 3 back again.

I really liked the new Overlays as well. I thought they looked great and gave a nice view of all the information. Although, with more stat heavy systems I think the full linear design might be confusing. If you could maybe make it like an 8 box grid there and have the character name, alignment, other text stuff in the first and the actual stats like they would be on a character sheet in the second that might be a little easier to read. (hope that makes sense) But the design I really liked.

Keep up the awesome work guys! Thank you for putting on such great content.

(Olf_Himself) #9

Awesome one-shot! Definitely wouldn't be opposed to this turning into a full show.

(Alaskawinter923) #10

What are your thoughts on taking the character creation part of your one-shots and separating them from main show? It kind of feels that you shorten the game play by spending first hour(s) developing the characters and miss out on more arch. Also might get more people to go to patreon. Just curious.

(UnpaidSatyr) #11

I think JP has talked about this before, it comes down to scheduling. If all the players are available to do character creation before hand then that would be the plan. On the other hand for one shots, if all players can't make them before, it doesn't really make sense for some to do them and others to have to wait for the day of. As I understand it, this was also put together on a fairly short notice, compounding the scheduling issue.

(Adubuu) #12

Adam very deliberately had them do the character creation on the show because it's a important part of just playing Mouse Guard; this was discussed on his prep video. Almost all character creations DO go on Patreon now, but it wasn't appropriate for Mouse Guard - at least Adam felt that way. I'm inclined to agree. Understanding those choices made in character creation is important to get the audience in on the deal with a game like Mouse Guard.

(BorisIgnatievich) #13

On character creation, imo it's not really a one shot if you have to do a session zero to make characters :stuck_out_tongue: I get that for very "involved" games char creation might wind up being most of the show, but I like when it's included in the session itself. Especially as someone who has played a lot of one shots it's good to see how much scope a game can have when you start from scratch

As to the show itself, I really enjoyed it. All the players killed it, especially Jesse imo. One thing that I didn't really understand was how the traits etc worked to give/remove dice? Was it just a flat bonus if you used it to help, but you got a check (i didn't quite grasp what they were either tbh!) if you hindered yourself? Didn't get in the way of my enjoying the game, but I felt like I was missing a major point of the system :itmejplol:

(disusedgenius) #14

That was a very fun One Shot! I think it says something when I don't think I could pick anyone for the embodiment award (in a good way, of course!).

In terms of the overlay/setup, just a couple of things to note:
* The green-screens seemed poorer compared to normal. I'm not sure this is because of the overlay or not, but it's a visual thing I noticed.
* The new placement was good, though I couldn't read anything in the font that was used as I tend to have twitch in a small window while working. Obviously that always makes it tough to read anything, but the thin font didn't help. But I guess that's a direction choice on whether you want to serve full-screeners or pop-outters.

(Twitch: GustavWang) #15

Was a really good one shot. That I'd really like to see become a show. A few small criticisms. The overlay wasn't bad but i didn't like the numbered names or how small the roll20 numbers on the map screen were. Also Bikeman not having a camera just felt wrong. I know it shouldn't be a big deal but to me it was. Thanks for the show and great job as always Adam and cast.

(someknave) #16

I really enjoyed it, how typical was the amount of self sabotage in the one shot compared to normal play?
Also the dice rolling was appalling!

(Twitch: eyearcana) #17

This was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed the voices they did. I hope this goes to a full show or multiple one shots in the future. Thanks.

(putridcheese) #18

Loved Mouse Guard. Hoped it was longer though, I need more of these tiny misadventures.

(Funbuns_) #19

Loved this one-shot! Im definately getting this game now. My only question is...sooo when is the In Nomine one -shot? wink wink nudge nudge