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No new blades for 3 weeks?

(Rubxcubedude) #7

but nebula jazz is made up of people who dont do tons of cons. blades as zeke hostin, geoff commentatin, and wheat who has hand in lots of twitch stuff

(Vukith) #8

I wonder if it could be moved off of weekend as others have said or at least do the 3 or 2 man episodes as was done before with zeke and anne. I think since it was moved to sundays over half the episodes have been cancelled or not scheduled. I know not all of these are travelling problems but most of them seem to be.

(TheDesec) #9

pls no

pls yes

(Kol_Saresk) #10

The same thing was happening during the week, with the added curse of low viewership when live. Since moved to the weekends, yes the scheduling is still off because of life, but viewership has improved. So honestly, it's probably best where it is.

(Domnonos) #11

So i'm not sure if this is the best thread for it, but as someone who has watched the various Rollplay shows since the original I must admit i am finding it a bit annoying that whenever these show breaks happens we almost never get any info until people start asking questions.

Ever since we got the official Rollplay twitter i was kinda hoping you guys would use that to do these kind of announcments since some of us can't always watch @itmeJP "non show" streams to get this info.

All i'm asking for is a simple tweet like "Due to [BLANK], [SHOW] is on a short break".

And just to make it clear, I have no issues with these breaks since everyone on the shows are busy people, and IRL stuff happens.

Since @Tahkai11 posted here maybe he/she can pass it along if none of the other people in charge see it.

(Kol_Saresk) #12

@itmeJP , it looks like the natives are getting unreasonably restless again.

(Kol_Saresk) #14

Yes, two months ago we did have a vocal portion of the community whining and crying because we went a month of no shows. And it was a month where we were told what was going on and why things weren't happening as soon as things happened.

But because it seems a portion of the community has to be a paparazzi and know every little detail about why something isn't happening, the message "a show was canceled because of schedule/life, will post when there's an update" isn't enough.

The show hasn't been canceled yet and people have lives. It literally says in the News Announcement post that Blades got cancelled April 30th Because Geoff was in Dreamhack and anyone paying attention to twitter knows Zeke was traveling. When events settle down and everyone isn't traveling all over for sponsors, charities, fun, etc, the show will pick up again. It just requires this thing called patience.

Y'all might not be kept up to date on the minutiae of things, but there is a News Announcement thread that everyone asked for, that is keeping us aware of when things are or are not going to happen.

Try keeping up with it instead of marking everything is read perhaps. And if you are keeping up with it and you're still whining, try remembering you have issues with the government having this many tabs on you and think about how you're making the cast feel by constantly wanting to know where the tiniest mole or freckle is.

(Kol_Saresk) #15

@itmeJP and @staff , do y'all have to put up this every time it gets hard to schedule a show? Because I know from watching youtube vods and the classic mp3s that scheduling has always been a royal pain at best as it seems like trying to schedule monthly episodes was an issue and episodes that were only a few weeks or even the next week were something like when the stars aligned type occurrences. So if y'all have had to put up with this every single time then first, kudos to y'all for putting up with it and second, damn. Y'all got more patience than I do because I get annoyed just watching everyone else whine and complain.

(Might be Captain Marvel) #17

I do try to post if a show has been cancelled.

(Domnonos) #19

And that is much appreciated! :itmejpgg: However I (and i'm probably not the only one) do tend to check twitter more often than the website, and i do think a short tweet would kill 90% of the "OMG shows been cancelled" stuff :itmejplol:

(disusedgenius) #20

There was this only yesterday:

(Domnonos) #21

True but only as a response to people asking on the day. It just seems like so much of people speculating could be cut down with an announcement tweet. shrug

(boeiee) #22

but if the show was never planned on the schedule and/or events tab on twitch, That means there was no show on that day to begin with and such not a show to be officially canceled. If a show is already planned and than it gets canceled its usually put into the schedule/tweet.

(Domnonos) #23

You got a point there :slight_smile: However it does seem like most people go "oh blades are on sundays" and then just tuned in on the day rather than checking the schedule. But the fact that it is not on the schedule does not help with the "omg is it cancelled?" questions that appear every time a show misses two episodes. :itmejplol: Which is why i suggested they be a bit more consistent on the official twitter with episode cancellations ect, rather than leave people to speculate.

(boeiee) #25

maybe yes, but the shows are also supposed to be when they are planned, if they are not planned than there is no show. it might be shitty yes, and ofcourse it could use communication that there is no show but if the show was never planned than they can't get cancelled either is what i was getting at.

edit; damn this is badly worded.

(Twitch: eyearcana) #26

Could you be anymore condescending and passive aggressive? Are you JPs official spokesperson? Someone made a simple request for better communication. I see no reason to jump down their throat. JP has expressed concerns of losing followers/subscribers. If this recommendation can assist in retaining some of those potential losses why not consider it?

(Might be Captain Marvel) #27

If we could keep this civil please.

(Kol_Saresk) #28

Condescending implies that I think I'm better than everyone else. And what I think is that I am very tired of seeing the same complaints over and over, and regardless of any concessions that the cast, mods, and admins make, as soon as something new pops, everyone goes running for the torches and pitchforks over the exact same "issue".

Because this "request" has been occuring on a repeated basis since the community started, and every time, it is addressed. Schedules are made more noticeable. News Announcement threads are made. A JP QandA thread that everyone asked for and only like five people have used is made. Ezines are constantly being complained about because they don't come out the first of the month even though there would be nothing in them.

It's the same thing over and over. And this community has existed for what? Five months? Six? Four? More than three because it popped up towards the end of Balance of Power.

And already everything is repeatable. And that's just here. I can only imagine how bad it must've been on reddit.

And I'm not being passive aggressive. I'm not inviting people to attack me. I am honestly stating my opinion without the political correctness of being "y'all should just calm down" because that stage got passed way back when that I don't even remember it existing.

Because the reality is that people aren't happy that there's community. Something goes wrong, they don't to hear from the staff. They don't want to hear about updates from Noor.

Know how I know? Because Noor literally posted something along the lines of "Guys, I have kept you up to date as can be done" and the response was basically "But you're not JP so it doesn't matter".

That is passive aggressive. That is condescending. Because there are people working their butts off to keep us as satisfied as they can, and we just spit in their faces for it because they don't do it how we want them to do it, or as soon as we want them to do it.


(Kol_Saresk) #30

And I pay $20 a month for them and I feel like they're worth the wait and the obvious labor of love that they are. And worth totally more than $20 but I'm poor so i'd like it if @AdamKoebel and @itmeJP kept them at $20. :wink:

Also, towards the end of the month isn't late. The month has to happen in order for the month to be covered. Unless you want May's ezine to cover everything from April for some weird reason.

(AdamKoebel) #32

this has never been the case. EVER.