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[Masks: 2nd Arc Q&A] The Dread Winds of Pazuzu

The Great Warlock of Pazuzu

When Hemlock destroyed the mask, her soul was taking out of her body and transported to the world of Pazuzu, there she was trapped for years while her body on earth died, eventually she feels the pull of a familiar power as her soul gets summoned back to earth. When she opens her eyes again she look into the older face of Petra who says “I knew you were still alive, the others called me crazy but I could still hear you calling out to me.”

Hemlock tries to get up but she stumbles because she miscalculates how long her arms are. Looking at them the seem very hairy and suddenly she realizes she is not in her own body!

"What the hell! what have you done to me! Where is my real body? Hemlock ask Petra.

Petra tries to look at her but fails, meekly she says “it has been 10 years, everyone thought you were dead. You body was buried and I could not get it back.”

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“I just throw my laptop at his head” might be one of my favorite moments of the entire show LOL


Great cliffhanger Adam!

my question is : When is episode 3 :stuck_out_tongue:

Loved the show! thank you @AdamKoebel for the amazing story telling and comic book feel to the setting. Thank you to the amazing cast - @Aureylian @AnneMunition , @kaitlyn & @ShannonZKiller .

I would love a poster that looks like a page from their comic book.


Hemlock gets to take the doomed playbook. The end. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I want to hear what the players see going forward in a patreon post show like the last time.


oh man all of my posts so far have been in caps, here’s a sentence to detract from such

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Well, I hope there’s another Masks for two reasons: The cast and the story was pretty interesting so I wanna see what’s next but more importantly, the Masks system is quite unique (at least for me it is) and I would love to see it used for at least two other groups with Adam GMing. It seems to have to have massive potential to create evenly paced dramatic narrative. I am still waiting for my hardcover handbook for Masks to give it a go on my own, but watching Wheat’s or InControl’s ideas for superheroes would probably make my day.

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Seriously, if there were a patreon goal simply called “Make Masks an ongoing show” I would up my donation.

I can see Jabba’s side of wanting to see a variety of systems because that would be interesting and help fill the R&D void, but right now I’d pick more Masks over anything else. The cast dynamics/chemistry and story potential are awesome. As evidenced by this episode…there is so much teenage angst drama to be explored.

And I’ll admit, I also enjoy the all female players dynamic after several all male shows.

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No sure how possible that is with everyone’s schedule, but it being a more regular show (once a month , every 2 months, once a quarter) would be great.


Stars w/o Number was also all male, but i fail to see how it is an issue for the person you quoted.

in the last 2ish months alone, CoS, Dogs, Breakers have all been all male; this and the 12hrs of Blades have been the only Rollplay things with any female perspective on for a while actually. (and personally, with Anne being the least boisterous of the blades cast by a fair distance, I sometimes feel like her perspective is lost a little bit there too)

Now this is mostly because of scheduling issues - I don’t think gender balance is a problem with rollplay in general (and until the person commented I’d barely noticed what the recent casts had looked like tbh) - but given that stretch I don’t think it’s unreasonable to feel like this is a bit of a change up

100% true. That was really tangential to my post, I probably shouldn’t have included it.

Nobody claimed there was a majority of male only shows, just that there had been ‘several’. I’m not sure 3 of the last 4 shows counts as several, but when that has been pretty much the only content for a while, I can totally see how it might feel like its a majority - even when that isn’t representative of the 3 year history of RP.

I think we’re arguing over basically nothing here :itmejplol:

Well aware of how common the PbtA games are on Rollplay. Masks are unique among them because of how Labels, conditions and basic moves are strung toghether. Label shifting gives the game that feel of instability and conditions are a powerful motivator for dramatic actions and plot twists in addition to the, quite regular in PbtA games, move effects.

Apocalypse world rules had heavy influence on the narrative, which (in my opinion) Dungeon World partially got rid of in place of giving us the framework for telling epic fantasy stories reminiscent to those of DnD. Masks rules on the other hand weigh on the narrative even heavier then Apocalypse World. You tell the story of your hero always conscient of ever shifting labels, and conditions will very often force you to make significant decisions that you would’ve otherwise never made. The little rules we have for Masks are fantastically tangled and that feedback between labels and conditions (kind of similiar to Monsterhearts, but way more developed) is what I mean by saying, that Masks: New Generation is unique.

@Aureylian man it seemed you were getting genuinely upset with @AnneMunition in that 3rd hour. I was wondering if that was you rollplaying or if something there struck a chord with you personally. I thought it was the most captivating moment of the entire arc seeing 2 perfectly valid viewpoints argued out

This should really be more than a one shot.
It could become what balance of power tried to be, in terms of two groups affecting the same universe.
Imagine a second cast playing an other group of heroes or even villains.
There could be tie ins or crossovers like there are in comicbooks all the time.

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