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Leave Luck to Heaven [COURT OF SWORDS // E81 // Q&A]


(MaxwellticusRex) #22

Jen Wu, god of Good Fortune, said “Choice is all we have.” That’s an odd thing for a god of chance to say. Particularly since Tulpa and the Prisoner in the Oobliet said the same thing. Sneaky Elves have allies in heaven it seems.

(TwilightBorealis) #23

At the beginning of the episode you suggested that you might do a private episode with Max about Berg. In other instances, you have suggested making a patreon video for the rebuild of Berg in his post-heaven form. Do you still intend to do either of these things before the next episode, if your schedules allow it?

(stevenx) #24

I can never come up with a good question in the moments after I finish watching the Court of Swords VOD, but I just want to say the last few episodes have all been fantastic, and I really hope even if killing the Immortals (or dying trying) is the end of this entire arc, that it isn’t the end of Court of Swords. This world’s got so much stuff to discover.

(AdamKoebel) #25

Berg knows why he has such bad fortune. We’ll see if that continues to be the case. As for his body, you’ll have to wait and see.

(0Guest) #26

I’ve noticed in the last few episodes that both the players and Adam have somewhat forgotten about Inspiration - both the giving out and usage of (would have been useful for the deathsaves, though the end result was even cooler). Has there been any thought to other mechanisms to replace it with, since the game is somewhat balanced around it? Since the RP aspect is consistently so good, a simple “refreshes at the start of a session” might be sufficient, then players are very aware that it is a limited resource but they can still count on it in tight spots.

(Twitch: eyearcana) #27

I’m interested in this as well it seems implied that he would have got a new body with potentially rerolling stats/class options if he choose the luck coin, I don’t think Max understood that though.

(Olf_Himself) #28

Well we’ve already confirmed he’s now a Zealot Barb. I don’t remember what the stat was before but he had +2 to perception now as well so maybe he has new stats?

(Blazeterror1) #29

I would think if any change to Berg’s stats after his visit to heaven learning to read would have helped in comprehension giving him some sort of intelligence boost and maybe the training from Emperor Fey would have bump some kind of physical ability.

(Blazeterror1) #30

I can’t wait to see what Adam has in store for finishing up this Ark . Court of swords has entertained me for wow 2yrs . Imo it has been by far the best D&D based show on twitch and the change JPand Adam made back around episode 50 in the shows structure was a very good decision. the DM and cast enjoy what they’re doing and it shows in the production. Thanks to all you guys for the great entertainment. I’m a proud Patron supporter 07

(profnesbitt) #31

Refreshing at the start might be the simplest. Personally I’d be fine with them dropping it all together I don’t think the game is reliant on inspiration to be balanced I think it was more of an after thought to encourage groups that don’t rp to rp. They could easily just start relying on fictional positioning more in order to get and give advantage.

(profnesbitt) #32

I don’t remember if berg had proficiency in perception but assuming he does +2 lines up with a -2 wisdom. I don’t think they’ve rerolled stats yet if they still intend too.

@AdamKoebel was the god of good luck small because he is linked to Halflings since they mechanically are lucky or was that coincidence? Can you share what Bergs Boon would have been if he had taken the deal? I’m assuming the lucky feat or one of the Halfling luck based feats/traits.

(Scara29) #33

OMG, that would be awesome if Berg showed up in his metal body and then was able to contact Agni and she forges him a whole new even more badass body.

Same, I can never wait for the next episode of Court of Swords there’s always something to peak curiosity.

(Twitch: eyearcana) #34

We did? Did I miss that?

(Olf_Himself) #35

He used the Zealot skill where he gets to add 1d6+0.5lvl radiant or necrotic damage to the first enemy he hits per turn.

I also went back and checked something else. With The Conduit Berg had +9 on attack but with The Hammer of Heaven he only has +8. Could be stat change on hammer or Berg.

(profnesbitt) #36

A plus 8 would be his str plus proficiency bonus so the new hammer is just like flametongue. So it’s not a plus weapon anymore it just deals 2d6 extra radiant every hit.

(Twitch: eyearcana) #37

@AdamKoebel Is Max shit out of luck now (no pun intended) when it comes to changing stats/class options now that he didn’t complete the mission or take the coin? This is the way I’m interpreting but I’m not sure if I’m way off base.

(Dementepingu) #38

Who else said this? Saw chat recognise it and I vaguely did too?

(Rinion87) #39

That sucks about Berg not killing the guy, but I do wonder how much these ‘gods’ have actual influence over the things they say they do!

Also its sort of silly with Kalimat and the dagger, i mean, it wasnt his dagger, it was Parvats, Kali stole it from the prison and seems to treat it as rightfully his no matter what. Maybe an RP decision to be overly attached to it, but odd non the less!

(Olf_Himself) #40

Not really strange. It’s finders, keepers after all.

(Rinion87) #41

I suppose standard adventuring loot rules do apply :stuck_out_tongue: