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Is it possible to show replies only as child comments?

(Jewbobicus) #23

@TwitchSurgeon, A couple things that I had no idea until reading through your conversation with disusedgenius. First that you can expand by clicking the name in the upper right corner that shows who is being replied to. Second, that when you expand the reply there is a small arrow in the top right corner that you can click to take you to the spot where the reply is.

I personally don't think they are too useful and can confuse a topic more, but that may be a matter of preference there. Secondly, and if I read a reply to a comment it would be nice to be able to reply directly to the reply rather than have to go down to it. Although now knowing you can jump to the reply does help, it does feel like an unnecessary extra click.

While this community site does look nice, and is great for being able to categorize discussion and keep people involved in threads they like, I very much dislike the organization within threads on this system. It feels cluttered and unnecessarily inflated. If the organization within a thread was a bit cleaner, I think this forum would be perfect.

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Could you link to an example or add a screenshot? I think I know what you mean but want to be sure.

Doing some minor CSS fixes today.

(TheDesec) #25

A while ago, when this thread was fresh, I made a 3 post demonstration in this topic to show where and how the reply parents work and said that they were not obvious enough and might need to be made more visible.

But my little demonstration got deleted with no reason given, probably because they thought it was spam. Then I stopped caring,

Edit: "debugged"

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I like they grey box on the parent replies. It makes it more obvious that I can click it now.

(Jewbobicus) #27

Are you sure? Because this is the only comment of yours that I can find in this thread.

(Jewbobicus) #28

This is what I mean. DOes that make it clearer?

(TheDesec) #29

Edited other message to answer.

(Twitch: LiveSpace) #30

Yeah for sure. What I thought it was you meant. Going to look into it.

Oh that sounds weird. I can't remember it. I would probably have taken a deeper look at it if I had seen it. Glad issues are being brought up. I can look in the system to see if the deletion was a system or user deletion. Logs are cool of that stuff.

Edit: scrolled back to Oct last year but didn't find anything with your name in the logs. The System have deleted a few things but there's no name on most of those things. Could it have been before you had your Trust Level upgrade?

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Only "deleted" message from @TheDesec I see in the system relating to comment flow is this dated (Nov 4, '16) is that the one?

Feel like having a deja vu, somehow... :arrow_up: should be here
It is not possible to display replies as child, but in every reply that used the reply button to a post, not the reply button of the entire thread, you will see a little "in reply to someone", and if you click that, it will display its parent post, and all posts that were replied to...

The post seems to be deleted by the author but we can undelete it if that helps.

@TheDesec it "might" of been a rollback during a update. I normally put the site into "read only" mode when I'm doing work on the thing. if the 3 posts were really close together they may of landed when I was doing a update/rollback and forgot to hit the "read only" button. If that is the case, that's my bad.

(TheDesec) #32

Was about to say this sounds like rollback, not moderation. Doesn't matter, just felt a little weird...

I believe my trust level can't be higher without action on your end. No, this was at most 2 weeks ago I'd say... I posted 3 things, later that day they were gone and I posted a single new post, but that one I deleted myself.

Doesn't matter. Off-topic alert :stuck_out_tongue:

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I blame my work colleague (And @ReginaldXIV, one must always blame regi...)


Is there any other way? Off-topic is my bread and butter :smiley: