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Ideas for new Patron rewards



That I don't know about at the moment. Depends on what's planned for future apparel in the store.

From me you can expect wallpapers from one-shots (mostly looking forward to these since I'm doing all the creative on these) and shows. If someone is interested I also have all the source files for the Fandom shows as well.

Oh and if there's something missing do ping me, I don't mind. There's just a lot of projects at the moment so things can slip my mind.

(Kol_Saresk) #22

It's cool. I was just musing on it being a cool idea was all lol.

(Kol_Saresk) #23

Sure thing. At the moment, the only thing I can think of are some corrupted MP3 files from the West Marches series that I posted in the Patreon MP3 Cut off thread. Not sure if that's your arena or not.

EDIT: I want to say I heard it's Crosseye Jack's, but I know he's been having issues with having a new motherboard so I've been trying not to be pushy about it just posting the problems as they crop up. I figure he'll get to it when he can and I have no problem with that.


Hopefully that will get fixed by those that control that. We really do need to step up a "Who does what" staff post. So you know who to contact when there's an issue. Of course it's alright to ping anyone but if the message has to travel one less step it has a higher chance of getting solved.

@Crosseye_Jack does the tech for that but I'm pretty sure it's @itmeJP that send him the mp3 files. If I remember at the end of the day I'll ping them both. Now back to some Twitch work. :itmejphi:

(It's Alive, It's Alive, IT'S ALIVE!!!!) #25

I have a working machine again :slight_smile: Been working on the new version of the patreon content system since I got it back so I've been distracted with that. Sorry.

I need to make some coffee, commit the work i've done while its fresh in my head and then I'll have a look into it and see whats wrong. We might need JP to upload the file again. I'll know more when I have a look.

(banned) #26

This was before you guys released the title wallpapers, I was asking in relation to something akin to the BoP Darkside wallpaper. Which we are indeed getting.