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[FAR VERONA // E16 // Q&A] Down in the Dirt


(econpaulicy) #22

Depending on whether you/Bronze wanted Linus to be an antagonist to Kiran or perhaps a way to delve into Kiran’s character: Maybe Linus used to be Velan? Maybe he too feels the pull of his House joining the STO and what that means for his current loyalties.

Might be neat. I could definitely seeing someone from House Vela being hired by Trilliant to take over operations for a massive new spaceport/logistics hub. Might also explain why he knew to import the tea from Haqani. :slight_smile:

(AdamKoebel) #23

indeed! you got it.

(IncomingDrawing) #24

this was a great one, especially that moment where kalimat enters in to the house with the demon in it. got don’t breath wibes

(Scara29) #25

You’ve posted in the wrong thread my friend, this is last week’s Far Verona thread, not this week’s Court of Swords thread.