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[FAR VERONA // E07 // Q&A] Into the Ho's Nest


(AdamKoebel) #21

Oh I know I’m just joking around. Though, they already have a super helpful NPC trying to accomplish their mission with them…

(Twitch: eyearcana) #22

Hahaha you’re awful!

(leacim88) #23

I wonder how many of the conversations Yancy have heard through the thin walls, some of them about him have been quite loud. Must be tough.

(ThatBronzeGirl) #24

This kind of is my sentiment as well! I’ve actually been able to maneuver a little bit on this planet since there aren’t a whole lot of nobles parading around. My character has been able to “do” a little bit more since her hands aren’t tied being on a planet run by nobles that pretend she isn’t there (and who she also does her best to avoid).

(Zugor96) #25

So @AdamKoebel if the PC’s want to kill Yancy without legal consequence, could one of them challenge him to a duel?

(Krokoschoko) #26

All but Riley could. Though that would still put them in the sights of a very powerful family. But it would be the best way of getting rid of him imo.

(AdamKoebel) #27

Riley couldn’t but the others might! Killing Yancy in a duel would have to be done very carefully but yeah it’s possible. It’s also a great way to escalate the enmity from Yancy to Mom and Dad…

(Womprats) #28

Finally caught up and just finished the post-show! I’ve been absolutely loving the past couple episodes. Seeing how the PC’s deal with the struggles put before them on Hong Lu has been great, and I actually frickin love Yancy as a character. He’s such an asshole, I think seeing what a potential “redemption arc” for him would look like would be really neat, though it sure doesn’t seem like any kind of positive ending is in the cards for him :stuck_out_tongue:

Was a bit sad to hear in the post-show of there being a sense that the character’s frustrations are boiling over to the point of being frustrating in a not-necessarily-fun way for the players too. For what it’s worth, like I said before, think yall are killing it and at least from this viewer’s perspective it has been some of my favorite twitch-TTRPG action yet!