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[FAR VERONA E04 // Q&A] Keblimp


(tralfamadorian42) #21

Excellent episode.

(AdamKoebel) #22

I’m beginning to think that maybe this unit isn’t one of prestige but that being put under booker’s command is a punishment. I wonder what Nomi and Jaycen did…

(BorisIgnatievich) #23

bookers punishment or theirs? i love the idea that bookers attitude got him kicked out of a significant gig and stuck with this bunch of yahoos

(Rinion87) #24

I’d think of the group, plus how the captian was with Nomi, shes probably the least likely to have done something wrong, and likely would be either there to keep an eye on them, or just perhaps makes the other squads uncomfortable given her powerset seems to revolve around probing peoples’ minds for things and/or her general demeanour.

It was said in the first or second QA thread that the players arent really acting like people expected with the attitude towards the lower class and Rileys attitude and actions constantly pushing a boundary that in-setting would likely to get her airlocked and forgotten without concern, but like Adam said above about punishment, perhaps this could be turned in a more narrative direction?