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[FAR VERONA // E03 Q&A] Hong Lu Welcoming Committee


(VyRe40) #41

RPGs like this and D&D are in an interesting space in part because of the violence inherent in the DNA of the game. Far Verona definitely appears to have started out deliberately with that moral ambiguity as a cornerstone of the setting, with stuff like a NPC threatening a character with murder because his status affords him that right and complete protection from retaliation, and then the players themselves operating as a police force that goes around enforcing the will of the system they serve (summary execution effectively) upon seemingly sentient beings that are nearly identical to humans.

There are many levels of violation in games like these, though I don’t feel that some of these moments were intended to come off as “objectively” righteous on the part of the players. As with action media like movies and games, there is a certain degree of cheering and sympathy on the part of the audience, but there is a conscious divide there between how we would act and perceive such things occurring in reality (adventuring murder hobos, overbearing fascist cops, etc.).

It’s a very interesting conversation to have.

(apepi) #42

I love Booker’s “Fuck it” bring Yancy along attitude.

(jduats) #43

This was the first thing I thought when Holtzmann’s friendly relationship with Jaycen was established! He’s totally going to get Connor Wu’d and I’m going to be really sad.

(tabletopweekly) #44

Pls don’t let Adam kill my nice friend. :frowning: Jaycen needs other summer children to hang out with.

(d098s) #45

I really hope there are some consequences coming soon. The way the PC’s are behaving its like they are in court of swords and not far verona. Bookers invasion off privacy, assaulting a officer in the shower, disciplining Yancey in front of the other officers, laughing while some one on his team that he is responsible for get’s a beating and a broken nose while not even caring why or what’s happening.

Rieley is breaking rules and lore all over the place and laughing about it. Is she suppose to be a acre serf? Stroles through the armory which should be the most secure place on the ship completely Un monitored and unrestricted. Breaks into a nobles locker on camera, disrespect’s nobles and tells the team and it’s leader she’s tring to buy drugs while on the job and is actively trying to get a noble killed.

The only person that seems to have anything close to consequences for their actions is Yancey because the PC’s have desided that this npc suffering is funny so Adams playing up how unlikable he is suppose to be.

I dunno man. I know it’s only 3 episodes in but it’s been off putting.

(Might be Captain Marvel) #46

I really want to live in this imagined utopia where no one breaks any rules.
This is like the real world where people do break rules, they are not perfect, and it is the imperfections that make the characters interesting.

That is my opinion.

(Blisz_) #47

Have you watched alot of the prep Adam did for the show?

(Rinion87) #48

The comments about the shower and “fat-phobic” comments are just people getting too offended I think, especially in context of calling a probably super ripped army dude a fatass!

From an in-universe thing, the shower incident was certainly awkward, but its the locker room shower which presumably Starship Troopers style is open and accosting someone there in an official situation is different in ‘social context’ that an actual “invasion of privacy” or whatever.

I do think however, that given the Lore and background and what i think people were expecting, it seems like some of the cast are playing ‘Swan Song’ rather than ‘Far Verona’ if you know what i mean?

(Goa_gubben) #49

How would a thing like that be addressed in a reasonable manner, considering where the characters are and who they are? Does it really need to be? I’m also not sure about what to do about fans doing things that you don’t approve of, not sure if it’s Adams role to address that sort of thing.

(Goa_gubben) #50

Great show! Looking forward to the day when Bronze disrespecting a powerful nobel and it backfiring spectacularly.

(LeelandGrant) #51

I would say that already happened :wink: