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[FAR VERONA // E03 Q&A] Hong Lu Welcoming Committee


(Alantor6616) #22

if that had happened i would have rolled on the ground laughing but still #RIPGrandmaLao

(TheJeroenBrouwer) #23

Besides my question i just wanted to say it was so amazing to see the PC’s hang around in Hong Lu. It’s so much fun to see all the things we conjured up become “reality”. We are working hard to make Hong Lu more fleshed out by the next episode.

(thisrogue) #24

Given the treatment most nobles give anyone that doesn’t have a social status, does ThatBronzeGirl feel like it limits her options in game? Like, not talking to the Lyra cutie or just having interactions?
Is that interesting enough on the long run or something that @AdamKoebel thinks of changing in the future? (not in a “suddenly all nobles are cool” but telling a different story)

(Twitch: rathomk) #25

I can’t wait for Hong Lu and the 14RD get showcased and explored on the show. I’m mega hyped up!

(Martionize) #26

What do you think about the Red Murderers being on the Red Dogs planet? :smile:

(InstantClubHit) #27

I like how the characters are fleshing out, great RP from everyone as usual! Also, sci-fi anti-Canter loose in Hong Lu? Adam’s gonna have some fun now that he’s got a chance to be all riled up!

(Darkvlagor) #28

@AdamKoebel Seeing the pieces of lore we build on screen was so cool. We weren’t fully ready for it, quite the surprise to see our home on Ep3 haha !

This is the first test of fan-made lore integration on a very large scale, we saw pieces of it as you described the context, and you filled it up with some nice details (the lanterns to see in the pollution mist ? A++ :ok_hand: ).
Anyway, now we’re all pumped up, I think this will make us write a lot more in the weeks to come !

How did it feel for you ? Any reflexions you’d like to share ?

(AdamKoebel) #29

In my GM prep, I noted that Yancy is here doing this work to “become a man” whatever that means, so yeah I think it’s probably a bit like military school - that they hope he’ll straighten out.

(AdamKoebel) #30

Drawing on Hong Lu and the work y’all did was super fun - that’s sort of my intent, to take what was created and then embellish, highlight and show off.

(AdamKoebel) #31

they’re perfectly on brand!

(AdamKoebel) #32

I think we’ll learn not so much that WHAT but the WHY of Booker’s disillusionment. That’s what’s super interesting to me. Who hurt you, Bookie?

(AdamKoebel) #33

Nope! Djikstra isn’t the only big guy on Hong Lu :wink:

(AdamKoebel) #34

This is a thing - they’re outside Imperial Space, really, on a lawless world where things are rough and not always easy or kind. There’s gonna be some negative stuff from NPCs in the game as we go through, and if it’s in-fiction I hope people realize that it’s part of the world.

As far as Booker going in on Yancy, yeah, I mean, we could definitely see that as violating his personal space. I don’t think of it as being universally a positive thing. The other officers saw and will remember that it happened.

I’m not sure I remember there being any fat phobic language from anyone playing the game, but I’m always down for feedback!

(Alantor6616) #35

Ok thanks it was just the resemblance was uncanny

(AdamKoebel) #36

I think you know me, and that there’s probably more to Yancy than just “he’s an entitled asshole”

(genie_gm) #37

The problem to me is that there is a a combination of NPCs/Characters being shitty people, and their shitty behaviour not being addressed or specifically pointed to as being shitty. It is also an issue of fans jumping on content and spinning off on it in unhealthy ways - people making the shower scene into a sex thing is a perfect example of that.

The fatphobic comment was early on, Bronze said something to the effect of “getting ]Yancy’s] fat ass”, which, again, I’d be A-OK with if it was a comment clearly made in character - because characters can be A-holes - but it’s uncomfortable and can be triggering when it comes from a player directly.

(AdamKoebel) #38

Yeah, I totally feel that, and it’s hard three episodes on showing the negative consequences of people’s behaviour and attitudes in a world we’re really only getting started building in this space. I’m going to continue to endeavour to show that like, the world has a moral outlook and like, that’s fictional.

I dunno, it’s a whole thing, and takes time and work, and I just wanted to call out specifically that I hear you and I’m always always open to this stuff, either out in a space like this or directly. I suspect the cast feel the same way.

(genie_gm) #39

Mmh, I know that you are a conscientious person, and that your content is always both aware of and critical towards harmful social constructs. I think the rub is (to me, and to many of the other watchers who may be your fans first, and Roleplay fans second) that there are several people on the cast - and several thousand people among the viewers and Patrons in the Factions - with whom we’re not familiar yet, and we can’t be sure their moral compass isn’t wildly different.

I hope (and think) that this will shake down eventually, and the show will be the aware and critical content you always lead others in, it’s just that it’s going to feel a bit bumpy to start with. And for some, that “little bumpy” might be too much for them to be able to keep watching.

As always, I’m very happy that you talk to fans like this.

(AdamKoebel) #40

New shows are often a learning process for everyone in the first few episodes, and that includes learning how the cast operates, learning how we interact with each other and the fiction that arises from it. I hear you, and I appreciate the feedback.

(VyRe40) #41

RPGs like this and D&D are in an interesting space in part because of the violence inherent in the DNA of the game. Far Verona definitely appears to have started out deliberately with that moral ambiguity as a cornerstone of the setting, with stuff like a NPC threatening a character with murder because his status affords him that right and complete protection from retaliation, and then the players themselves operating as a police force that goes around enforcing the will of the system they serve (summary execution effectively) upon seemingly sentient beings that are nearly identical to humans.

There are many levels of violation in games like these, though I don’t feel that some of these moments were intended to come off as “objectively” righteous on the part of the players. As with action media like movies and games, there is a certain degree of cheering and sympathy on the part of the audience, but there is a conscious divide there between how we would act and perceive such things occurring in reality (adventuring murder hobos, overbearing fascist cops, etc.).

It’s a very interesting conversation to have.