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Fan Creations wants to go home

(TheDesec) #1

A while ago the sub-category has been moved from its parent "RollPlay General and Archive" to its foster parent "itmeJP General". When I asked in a PM, the reason given was "to encourage fan creations that are nor RollPlay related".

Today there was a Post in "RollPlay G&A" that was moved to "itmejp G - FC", then got reposted in "RollPlay G&A" with the notion "they didn't feel like the new category was right", moved again, and finally deleted when the repost was noticed.

I think this is utter garbage. Every single entry in "itmeJP G - FC" is RollPlay related. And this little repost+move+delete today proves how confusing the placement of the category is.

I think it's time we fight to return custody of "FC" to its (bio)logical parent, "RollPlay G&A".

If you want to encourage "off topic" fan creation, make a note there, like "feel free to post X", or open a new sub-category, so "itmeJP G" can be a parent, too!

(Bezier123) #2

The change is done for a reason. Problem is, it's handled badly, if it causes topic transiotions like that.
I suggest setting up a clearer set of rules on what goes where, if this change is to stick without a fuss.

I also agree that moving back to what things were before is the best solution. I don't think the notion to encourage non-rollplay stuff is that important, even more so if the plan is to reverse it once there's too much unrelated stuff in the section. Going back is a considerable step.

(Might be Captain Marvel) #3

The Author posted it first in "itmejp General" I moved it to "RollPlay General & Archive". Then the Author made a double post in the Fan creation category. I deleted the double post and moved the original thread there, and contacted the author about it he was fine with the move.

Those are the facts.

I should have moved it to fan creations from the start and that is on me.

My personal opinion: I think that having a place where community members being able to share what they made is a great place and it should not be viewed as "off-topic". This is a community site not a RollPlay site.

(Might be Captain Marvel) #4

(TheDesec) #5

I saw the topic in two places, commented on the repost "[...] hey repost, but I understand [...]", but before I could send the reply, the topic was moved and deleted.

I find this current setup misleading, as I told you in my PM :kissing_heart:

(Might be Captain Marvel) #6

To me its more visable where it is not. In the future it might get lost among all the other RollPlay show categories.

There is a suggestion to call it "Community Creations".
Since I don't find it misleading I can't think of ways to make it clearer so if anyone else has suggestions that would be great.

(Bezier123) #7

Hey, @NoorElBahrain - I read that description and that's exactly what I mean.

There's a lot of 'testing' and 'doesn't have to' and 'at this moment'. The description isn't really sure what it wants and anyone reading it will lack certainty on what he is expected to do. I know that it's worded that way to appear to be nice, but the temporary nature of this section and it's sudden movements all around the community site is what will not sit well with artist-types. You watch a cute movie or a nice picture for 5-15 seconds, but it takes hours or days to create it. Posting it so EVERYONE can see it is what the creator wants. If the place is in dissaray, or moving it's location so noone can actually find it, creators will not be motivated to post their things in here or even create them to begin with.

(Might be Captain Marvel) #8

I do not think @TwitchSurgeon meant for it to sound that way. the "testing" was the location of the category not its existence.

Edit: Keep in mind the site is still new and like all things it will go through growing pains. In time it will settle with feedback.