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I hear what you’re saying. This response is to you and some others. Some people assume more other content means better. Some people are not interested in the one shots. Personally I like Mouse Guard, Swan Song, Vanderhorn but that was it. Everyone has a different mindset but yes I would rather have 50 episodes of Court of Swords a year. I get it’s super tough with this cast and I don’t have all the answers.

Another thing that bothers me is that when people make constructive criticisms the die hard supporters lose their minds. JP also posted he was pissed on Twitter, I’m hoping that was from some negative tweets earlier and not this thread.

(Twitch: cyan_83) #22

I hope it is not this thread, because the feedback here was nothing but polite and in the best interest of Rollplay. He seemed pretty pissed.

(Twitch: eyearcana) #23

Agreed I hope not as well. People wouldn’t be involved in such a discussion if they didn’t love RollPlay.

(Twitch: casskay) #24

Yeah…I actually wondered in the back of my mind if this thread, and what I said, was going to be read as complaining, just because there has been a historical dynamic of negativity around the topic of content amounts. I wouldn’t be surprised if just hearing people bring up the topic is triggering at this point.

For me the whole thing was more of a mental exercise in why there can be a gap between objectively large amount of content and perception of content. Because objectively, Rollplay produced an insane amount of content this year.

(Kol_Saresk) #25

This is the thread, on his community website, where at least three people who have told JP how to run Rollplay, one of whom is a constant vocalist in that regard. $20 says this thread is definitely included in JP’s tweet.

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It was almost definitely this thread. The “156 episodes” thing was mentioned here.

This topic has come up semi-regularly for years. I always think it’s weird because there’s so much damn content in the whole of Rollplay. 3 eps of a single RP show eclipses the content hours of a season of some Netflix show. Even if you just watch CoS, that’s still a huge amount of content. It can be pretty irritating to receive that repeat complaint about how it’s never enough.

Which is why I feel like they shouldn’t be so beholden to the idea that they have to grind out a billion hours of a single show almost every single week out of a year. It’s a ridiculous demand. They deserve off-time, which is why I advocate the hell out of them having off-seasons to break things up. Beyond that, it’s extra weird that these threads often pop up when unexpected complications force cancellations. JP’s said it before - he’s more frustrated than anyone about that shit.

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Not told suggested. It’s called feedback, is this site to be only used to give compliments? If the “more” content doesn’t fall under something they like it’s okay for people to say that.

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I find it weird when people compare RollPlay to a TV show because it’s like comparing apples to oranges. If there was three episodes of a RollPlay show a year it would be a complete failure, point being they’re not the same.

I’m not mad that they cancel when someone is ill however other instances are different. I can tell JP gets frustrated and its okay to offer suggestions.

I’ll just stop posting because it’s just driving people nuts.

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No, this website is actually made for the community to be a community, and share ideas. There specific threads where JP, Adam, and crew ask for feedback, but this isn’t one of them. Debatably, the after-episode threads are a place where suggestions could be placed, although it is meant more for discussion and review of what happened, as well as review of what one does or does not like about what happened.

But constantly saying “they should have done this, or could have done that, and because they didn’t, it means they didn’t do as good as a job as they could have.” is telling them they’re doing it wrong. Instead of looking at the fact that they had more issues with casting this year vs last year, but still managed to produce more episodes and one shots despite that, someone responded with “well, they could have made 156 episodes this year, so obviously they didn’t do as good of a job as they could have.”

“You’re right about the drought in episodes, because they only made 9 episodes of one show in the last 14 weeks so they definitely should have been putting out other shows for their viewers.” Yes, that’s a paraphrase of your first post in this thread, along with its implication in regards to the post you were responding to.

No, we aren’t supposed to kiss ass like you’re implying everyone who isn’t a negative nancy does. But constantly responding with “you should be doing better”, is not constructive criticism. It is saying “you’re not doing good enough.”

(Twitch: eyearcana) #30

Exactly and that’s what I’ve been doing. I have not been insulting JP. I have shared ideas on ways to improve the show.

That’s quite a paraphrase you used there. This is actually what I said:

You’re not wrong since October 1st there has been 14 weeks and they’ve had 9 shows for Court of Swords. I’m the opposite of you and don’t watch Nebula Jazz. I’d say let’s see what they say next week. I’m hoping they have a plan to improve consistency and maybe they add a third show.

Yes I stated a fact that there have been less shows. I DID NOT say they “definitely should have been putting out other shows”. I said “I’m HOPING they have a plan to improve consistency and MAYBE they add a third show.”

You see how this statements are vastly different? You’re making this sound like the Fox News of community sites where only happy thoughts can be posted and then my posts are being misquoted by you.

I’m done, you win. Congrats.

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It looks like how the thread ended up is not what the OP intended. locking it for now till I consult with the OP and Mod team.

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