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[E37 Q&A] Parks & Desecration


(JimB0b0) #21

Damn Adam, the scene framing right after the second break was incredible! The way you described the group in the inn and the run down estate the next day gave me such strong Gothic vibes. It really helped change the pace from the libarary scenes and the other parts of the city

(Olf_Himself) #22

@AdamKoebel do all the courts have the system with a King, Queen, Knight and Page or was that only the Court of Swords?

(Kol_Saresk) #23

It's all four Courts, because ot mirrors the "suite" of the Tarot deck. Although if I recall the GM Turn correctly, the Court of Wands' family is immortal like Hazan.

(sythmaster) #24

might want to put that stuff in spoiler tags..................

(Kol_Saresk) #25

The information is older than season 3, is sourcebook type information, and has directly no bearing on the story as we are unlikely to encounter the Court of Wands ruling family.

If you want it in spoilers, fine. But it's about as spoilery as Drizzt DoUrden was born underground.

Also the bit about the families mirroring the tarot suite is as old as the first few episodes of Court of Swords.

(Twitch: eyearcana) #26

WTF dude I always thought Drizzt was raised by a Halfling family in Waterdeep.

(Paul Robinson) #27

If I hadn't already known Hazan was Immortal because of Adams DM prep show then I wouldn't of been too happy to find out that Hazan was Immortal through this post. Just saying.

(Kol_Saresk) #28

Eh, I think it was mentioned in Ep 36.

And honestly, with all of the various fictions in which a "neutral observer" type character also happens to be some sort of immortal warden, it isn't and shouldn't be the most surprising of revelations. But it is something that was alluded to throughout the entire series, even if it wasn't directly announced.

That said, it is a similar vein to the elves being psychic, not magic, which is only mentioned in the GM turns and is all over the community forum with no spoilers.

But c'est la vie. If people want to post spoilers in one place, and then complain about different spoilers from the same source in another, that's their life choice, not mine.

But if there is a background book like people want, they're probably going to get spoilered anyway.

And it's also been like what, a month now? What's the statue of limitations on spoilers again?