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[COURT OF SWORDS // E51 Q&A] A Song for the City of Brass


(Landwaker) #41

Don't have much to add, loved the roleplay from everyone and looking forward to seeing Ramus in this new mix!

(pepryce) #42

Just wanted to say how much I loved this episode! As soon as @Ezekiel_III first looked down the lense and started to speak I knew it was going to good. I can't wait until Ramus is thrown into the mix!

Incidentally, I also really enjoyed the live show as well, which was actually a fantastic intro into the world of CoS for my partner; she has never seen any D&D show in any great detail, but after that she wanted to see more, and this episode made for some great viewing together.

The refocus on RP came at a great time I think; I knew how much I cared for the CoS world at large, but realised actually that care only really extended to Berg as the long standing character. Now I'm already drawn to Kalimat and Sali so think that will change for the better.

Side note - we revisited Day9's arc so she could see the character creation process at a relatively high speed, so am now dipping back into the Azure Vortex interactions.

It is Week 15 for anyone who wants to see where that side of things all began.

Side side note - Going back that far has made me see how much Berg (and Max) has developed during the show. I love seeing Max delving deep into Berg's psyche and bringing out actually how complex a character he can be despite his low intelligence.

Love it - keep up the good work everyone! (I'm going to go and watch Persnidgetron vomit at the sight of constructs again).

(Chrisploitation) #43

My main theory about the social dynamics of the new group: Ramus will be a dick (yes that's a given but the HOW is the interesting bit) because he either cannot fathom why Berg could be considered more fascinating than him, or because he has some possessive protectiveness over Berg due to their history. Either way, I'm expecting some hilarious snootyness and banter.

As for this episode, my top-3:

  1. Zeke's song is a instant classic, mixing what sounded like a buddhist chant with chain gang-songs was so damn good.
  2. The way JP fed his campaign-knowledge into Sali's obsession over Berg was really neat as well (great way to feed backstory to new viewers as well).
  3. Kukrit is still out there looking for Berg. I've kept my fingers crossed for this for so long

(Ezekiel_III) #44

Thank you for your comment! I believe I misspoke during the show. I did put "words of silver" into google translate. I also loved the way it rolled of the tongue and in my head. Such a beautiful language, it must be difficult for you to hear our Western butchery of it. :slight_smile:

(Might be Captain Marvel) #45

Quite the opposite, I admire people who try to speak Arabic, It is a difficult language especially the pronunciation.
Thank you for your RP in CoS. Every rollplay show you do an amazing and entertaining job. Thanks again for joining the cast of this show :hearts: