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[Court of Swords E22 Q&A] Hail to the King, Baby


(Twitch: eyearcana) #145

I was waiting for Azure to tackle the Rock Gnome King off the bridge, he definitely would have drowned in that heavy armor.

(notNOTjack) #146

I wouldn’t be learning DMing from CoS sessions, I don’t believe the general player likes to be in the brink of death every single fight they are in, players want that from time to time but they also want to feel like powerful, capable individuals and, even if they survive all the hard or deadly encounters you throw at them, if they are going down every fight and just barely doing it every time they don’t get that feeling. This works for this show and this group of people because it is a show and they are catering to the thrill-seekers in the audience that don’t really have an actual investment on the characters, and they have agreed to this and are possibly even under contract. (I might be misreading his attitude but, even under these circumstances, I don’t feel like Max enjoys the feeling of powerlessness all that much.)

If what you are taking from this show isn’t that specific thing, the deadly environment and the building of tough but interesting encounters, then you are better off looking at almost any other Rollplay show for world building, interesting story progression and amazing NPC development.

(Olf_Himself) #147

Question for @AdamKoebel or @DansGaming. Did you guys ever update the damage macro on Baldr to automatically reroll 1s and 2s?

(Unfortunatename) #148

You could do a lot worse than copying interesting and hard fights.

5th is built around resource management. Hit dice and various abilities are tied to short and long rests. If you want combat to be a big part of your game it's intended to be making the players spend and exhaust resources over the course of several encounters.

I cant remember where i read it but the baseline difficulty may be something like 4 medium encounters +1 hard +1 easy averaging to 6 medium per "adventuring day".

You don't have to play it like that, you are invited to make rule changes as you wish and adjust the focus of your game and the difficulty of your encounters, but if long rests aren't split up by drains on you resources then the system behaves very differently, some classes do much better and groups will go into every combat "fully loaded" you can then be stuck as a DM picking combats that aren't really threatening with no real costs (medium/hard) or swingy encounters which can potentially 1 shot people (deadly).

Acquisitions Incorporated is a great example of a game that is not about combat but I would argue that the one shot nature of sessions forces it to be that way.

(notNOTjack) #149

For sure, there’s no doubt you can do much worse than copying the game style of CoS. I was just pointing out, for someone that apparently never GMed, that there are several parameters that make CoS work and might not work as well for other groups.

(Twitch: eyearcana) #150

Dumb question and I know we're already on to the new episode. Did we see what happened to the Fire Giant? It's possible I spaced at that point.

(notNOTjack) #151

I don’t think we saw anything about him or the entity that seemed to be in control of everything down there.

(DansGaming) #152

I already did saves a lot fo time

(AdamKoebel) #153

this is why i love you, dan.

(Twitch: fifthgear) #154

I'm slowly getting caught up with COS. Have you been using deadly or hard rating encounters? At times it seems like basic d&d with how often characters drop to 0 or flat out die.

(Twitch: eyearcana) #155

He's said he uses mostly deadly, I believe recently he used a hard.

(Unfortunatename) #156

IF you can figure out what's what this beautiful tool:


can help you work out encounter difficulty.

I checked a few encounters when playing around with it (like the spiders) and they were mostly in the hard range.

spoilers til 26:
Now the group has higher AC it looks like we will see more deadly encounters as creature attack modifiers have fallen behind

(Chaber123) #157

Hey Adam,
I was just curious which character sheet you use for Court of Swords, and I assume all of your other Roll play shows.

(AdamKoebel) #158

the built-in Roll20 SRD sheet!

(Chaber123) #159

Alright Thanks! keep up the good work!