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[court of swords // e132 // q&a] live live from the fortress of imix


(Dalon9) #21

Also to illustrate, just how different Maharib’s attack and non-attack rolls were, I made two plots with the d20 roll distributions:

Attack rolls:

Non-attack rolls:

(apepi) #22

Thank you for doing this all these times.

(SoCutey) #23

If his boon gives him +1/+1 attack and damage why do they only count +7 damage from strength and +3 damage from rage? They have done this for a long time now. At least as long as Berg have had the belt of giants strength.

They count the +1 to attacks from his boon but not his +1 damage.

(TwilightBorealis) #24

I was just going with info from the top of my head, but now I have looked up the boons directly.
Week 94, Part 1, ~36:30m in is the love letter. Extra death save and +1 to all attack and damage rolls based on strength. @adamkoebel is the +1 not being applied to the damage?

(Elyoslayer) #25

Ramus should have kept the rod. It’s such a hilarious item and really did not think it would appear in CoS, especially with the low loot system of the setting.

(Point1985) #26

Just wanted to say; The live live shows are SO good. the 8 hours just FLY by watching it, thanks for giving me and a lot of people with me a highlight every week to dive in this insanely awesome world you guys created and evolve!!

(CPaulGallagher) #27

I disagree. It would have been funny, but I think it’s better narratively for them to have gotten rid of it. Besides, it’s super cheap to not trade the most valuable thing that you found, which also bears an important symbolic meaning for an important symbolic place, to the Fire God whom you’re petitioning to allow the trapping or destruction of one of his own flame dragons.

I think the cast definitely made the right call, and I’m glad that they made the decision true to the story and characters rather than the min-max option.

(SoCutey) #28

Yeah, you are correct the damage isn’t being applied. He only deals +7 damage from strength. There are other things that give Berg extra damage but the normal damage on Max’s sheet of Berg should be +8 and not +7

(Elyoslayer) #29

Can the group face Gravedirt and win as they are right now? Since Bahath said it would be suicide for him.
Also, will they have to take Vaani with them in case Imix manifests again?