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Court of Swords Character Distribution Gantt Chart and Data (Last Update: Episode 95)


(lady8jane) #1

This is supposed to give an overview of which characters were played in which episodes. The data will be updated every 5-10 episodes.

It also gave me some other data. (Player names below are their Twitter handles to make it easier for myself.)

Number of Characters Played
itmeJP: 11
GassyMexican: 6
DansGaming: 5
day9tv, AnneMunition, cinnamontoastk: 2
iNcontroLTV, MorganWebb, aureylian, Ezekiel_III: 1

Total: 32 characters
Average: 3.2 characters / player

Number of Episodes a Character was Played
Berg: 64
Ramus Krill: 51
Kalimat Alfida: 42
Salihafa Sunu: 24
Azriel, Yoji: 18
Jubilant Black Gale: 13
Enoch: 10
Gideon: 9
Baern Hillstern, Velimir Cetrovic, Zephyra Awen, Živa Tarkas, Jadara Shaw: 8
Persnidgetron Torbidger, Shadrick: 6
Volnach, Raziel: 5
Janus, Nak’Ana Ino: 4
Silent Thorn, Yomm, Salix (Sorrow): 3
Wester Carraway, Belian Dim, Map, Daxa the Song, Luther Lumis: 2
Zawaz Wazaz, Ekishnugal, Maj, Vama: 1

Average: 10.6875 episodes / character

(lady8jane) #2

Did some colour-coding for your convenience. Our heroes are green, dark blue, yellow, and light blue, guest characters are in various shades of red.

Is this an improvement or do you prefer the old version?

(Edokdyshi) #3

I see it as an improvement! Really cool to look at and see!

(Darkvlagor) #4

Data visualisation is so damn sexy I love it :itmejp10:

(lady8jane) #5

Chart updated to episode 95:

Colour code for the players:

  • green = DansGaming
  • dark blue = GassyMexican
  • yellow = itmeJP
  • light blue = Ezekiel_III
  • red (various) = guests

I’ll do a more in-depth data analysis like in the first post after episode 99.