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Consistency & Disapointment

(Kol_Saresk) #29

No probs, I saw it too lol. Just figured I'd post the response in case there were any others who were unaware of that particular front.

(Landwaker) #30

When I skimmed the thread that overly hostile post was the latest; I decided not to engage with it, but it nagged me and I returned to respond but now it's gone. So I'll just say for my part that while a show cancellation is disappointing, I'd rather that than pushing ahead with suboptimal production and/or participation. All creative work has ebbs and flows, and problems tend to come in packs. To me it comes with the territory to be understanding and supportive in the absence of clear bad faith. And I just don't grok this apparent culture of unfollowing/unsubbing so quickly if there's any hiccup or delay; so many streamers seem to worry about it constantly and that isn't good for anyone in the end. I know people want their feedback to show that they care but don't cling to anything so tightly that you start to strangle it. I suppose that's preachy enough to end this ramble, cheers.

(TwoToneTerran) #32

To be fair, for people who only watch the shows, if the shows get cancelled then people who don't auto reup their subs might just forget to resub because they don't come to the channel when there's no show on, or if there's going to be no vods for two weeks.

We've got no way to differentiate how many are incidental purely because the show didn't come on and how many are ragequitting from being fed up with missed shows. I figure if the show gets on regular schedule again a majority of those who were willing to sub before would be willing to sub again.