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Consistency & Disapointment

(banned) #21

I mean it's just human nature. No one cares when things go to plan.

Everyone loses their minds as soon as things stop working as intended.

And squeaky wheels get grease and a whole bucketload of other old sayings.

(BorisIgnatievich) #22

I get the impression you're reading too much into this compared to what I was thinking. I just mean that most people involved, current guests and regular cast members, don't have this as their main job - their primary income is not rollplay. They have schedules to maintain for that main job, and sure, someone like Dodger might have more flexibility than Wheat or Morgan with their non-streamer jobs - but she still has fixed commitments (eg if NJ get cancelled one Saturday, you can't reschedule to a Tuesday because of Cooptional/mangapod) because her other content is important for her too.

Stack that up over 5 people (+JP when he doesn't play) and even if everyone can do 6 days in a given week, it's entirely possible that the original time slot was the only place that worked, so an illness scuppers the whole week.

@boostgeek Sure, there are literally things he could have done, but obviously it was assumed that Aurey's PC could handle it - I assume she isn't streaming from a potato so I doubt that was the worst assumption in the world. Hell, he could have shipped his PC with him and there is still no guarantee he doesn't blue screen anyway. I like the idea of replacement patreon stuff tbf.

(It's Alive, It's Alive, IT'S ALIVE!!!!) #24

It would take a bit more than a $200 laptop. He also local records. He would also need atleast an extra screen (you could do it with a single screen but would be more of a pain in the ass). Even when JP isn't on a show he does voice overs and that would need a decent mic.

Didn't he also say that part of his trip was to also set up a rig while he was there?

(Twitch: eyearcana) #25

Again devil's advocate but you should never assume, I'm sure you know the phrase. Also have you heard of the seven Ps? I'm a huge RollPlay supporter but I don't think we shouldn't be able to voice things. This is how JP improves his process. It's so hard when shows didn't happen because no other shows have the same product ion value that they're hard to watch, think of how strong of a complement that is. I'm more interested in a method on how to make things up, I'm sure we can't get three make up shows but anything extra soothes the burn. Having some preloaded Patreon vids for these instances would be great. Even just listening to him to him talk about CoS, his character or past characters. Just a thought.

(Kol_Saresk) #27

Yep. Last he tweeted, he thought the rig was having motherboard issues.

At least, that was the last tweet I read on the subject.

(It's Alive, It's Alive, IT'S ALIVE!!!!) #28

Yeah sorry I was replying to a (rather rude) now deleted post about all it would take is a $200 laptop to get up and running :upside_down:

(Kol_Saresk) #29

No probs, I saw it too lol. Just figured I'd post the response in case there were any others who were unaware of that particular front.

(Landwaker) #30

When I skimmed the thread that overly hostile post was the latest; I decided not to engage with it, but it nagged me and I returned to respond but now it's gone. So I'll just say for my part that while a show cancellation is disappointing, I'd rather that than pushing ahead with suboptimal production and/or participation. All creative work has ebbs and flows, and problems tend to come in packs. To me it comes with the territory to be understanding and supportive in the absence of clear bad faith. And I just don't grok this apparent culture of unfollowing/unsubbing so quickly if there's any hiccup or delay; so many streamers seem to worry about it constantly and that isn't good for anyone in the end. I know people want their feedback to show that they care but don't cling to anything so tightly that you start to strangle it. I suppose that's preachy enough to end this ramble, cheers.

(banned) #31

I personally thing it comes with the territory of watching what you want when you want, and when you can't. When you've bothered to set aside time to consume a thing not on your schedule at this point, but someone else's.

Well it just screams of being tied to a box again when so many people have cut the cord or haven't even really experienced it.

It then feeds back into the idea that not even a vod exists to consume later when you want.

(TwoToneTerran) #32

To be fair, for people who only watch the shows, if the shows get cancelled then people who don't auto reup their subs might just forget to resub because they don't come to the channel when there's no show on, or if there's going to be no vods for two weeks.

We've got no way to differentiate how many are incidental purely because the show didn't come on and how many are ragequitting from being fed up with missed shows. I figure if the show gets on regular schedule again a majority of those who were willing to sub before would be willing to sub again.