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Hi, I decided to start my own Blades campaign with some friends I played DnD 5e with.
Decided to copy the crew “overview” (I guess) that was in the earlier episodes of Blades.

In the recent episodes, each character has a functional Stress/Trauma counter on screen.
Is there anyway to mimic those?

This is what I’m referring to.

Summoning @OneSevenDesign!

John said they were merely graphics that he ticked manually, when someone else asked in a different thread. But I think the plan is to connect this to the Roll20 sheets…

Found the post…

I ended up making these a rollable table and just linking it into the stress attribute for the character. Just upload an image of each marker along the track being checked and it should work out fine from there.

check this one out! seems complicated, though :itmejpcute:

Well, that depends on how you define complicated :slight_smile:

All you really need to do to set it up is create a couple of rollable tables full of images and type a command in chat!

Since I didn’t plan on using it, I didn’t bother to check it out “in depth”. I have no idea of the Roll20 works, let alone scripts and macros… and then there’s more than one step. I rest my case! It’s super complicated. Nobody can ever understand it. It was also 35°C (95°F) yesterday… everything was too complicated!