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Archers and arrows - a trope we hang on to

(Unfortunatename) #22

Some rules are best left in the garbage. I think when you introduce a player to the game you have to have priorities and that is more or less why this happened (and how tracking pointless crap works in a game).

btw if you have time (god knows i fucking do) this is a relevant and interesting piece which concerns resource management.

(Karamor) #23

Hmm. Sudden surprise here we go.

(Karamor) #24

As currently they can not just go back to town and are in fact only using looted ammo, we could have that rare scenario where it would matter.

Personally, I'd say they probably loot enough so it doesn't matter, but it is a scenario where the DM could very well put them in a spot where running out was possible.

(AdamKoebel) #25

The thing is that it is an impossible thing to measure now. Maybe I'll just ask at the start of the next session how many crossbow bolts he has and if he can't answer, i'll say "cool, well, you're out."

(Karamor) #26

But both of those scenarios, suddenly telling him in fight, or at the start of the show, are a bit unfair to Sean, too.

Ammo tracking wasn't really a thing up to now and no one, neither you nor him, has established any ammo count, so how should he know?

Edit: If you wanted to establish a count, I'd say, Quiver's 20, so I'd probably have him roll 2d10. He's obviously not out yet, but might be surprisingly low on ammo.

(banned) #27

Sure, but not when you have a stream show dedicated to playing by the rules. They stated before the show started Alignment was changing and they were following the new way. Sure, fine I accept this convention because it's before the show is going on. But the ammo thing was never really discussed it's something that evolved out of play and wasn't stamped down.

As for introducing players, I'd have to assume that the cast at least discusses this stuff with the players, well at least a little. Sean did get nuked in his first fight.

Sounds perfectly reasonable honestly, and if after you say, "Ok now we need to start tracking this because it's a thing, don't make me do it because I have other stuff to worry about. If you do I'll just say you're out." that'd be even better.

Although I don't know I feel like someone watching has measured how much ammo Snidge has used so far.

(AdamKoebel) #28

If someone did, I'd love to know what it was, so we could just use that.

(banned) #29

Maybe the statistics person knows?

@Brugia Do you think you might have an idea of how many Arrows Snidge has used so far?

(Kol_Saresk) #30

They haven't counted the whole show, what's the point of worrying about it now?

(banned) #31

Because someone brought it up and it was realized no one had done it?

(Kol_Saresk) #32

It is surprising how little that does to answer the question. If it wasn't important enough to notice and freak about earlier instances, then why is it important enough to freak out about this instance?

(banned) #33

I don't see anyone freaking out over it.

CoS is predicated on following rules, stated at the outset of the show as the point of the endeavor.

Ammunition tracking is a rule, because you can feasibly run out, like rations, and has a mechanical consequence.

So since it was realized no one has been doing it, it's important to figure out what to do about it going forward. At least to me.

(banned) #35

Sorry, didn't notice this was directed at me.

I only care this much about following the rules because they stated that's what the show is about. That's it. I would never care at all about it if they said CoS is about having fun in a setting Adam came up with and having an occasional guest.

As such, arrows have a limit and are a resource, and should at least have a provision stated of Adam will figure out when you're out OR you track your ammo and deal with it accordingly.

And if there were rules for maintaining gear I'd want those followed to.

I'm not insinuating I'm right and he's wrong. I'm stating my opinion on the matter (which is what was desired in the original post) and discussing it with @Unfortunatename. Yes, my position here is pretty entrenched, but it's my opinion on the matter of course I'm going to stick with it pretty heavily.

I don't see how I'm not participating in the conversation here.

(Might be Captain Marvel) #36

reminder to keep it civil and to remember not everyone will agree with you, so there is no need to get mad about that.

(Twitch: NobelusTV) #37

Here's my thoughts on this, Sean is an unexperienced guest, who's new to DnD (as I've understood it). So I'm going to cut him some slack, he does not know better and since he's a temp guest "for fun" Adam propably has also cut him some slack.

Now if our core member creates a Ranger next (they'll die, they always do), THEN, I expect them to follow the rules.

(Nummi_) #38

Arrows are not hard to make. Seriously, all you need is a short rest and an experienced bowman would have 2 more arrows.

Salvaging resources for arrows is not difficult. You need brances or sticks, feathers or sturdy jungle leaves, small rocks and a whetstone.

Most DM's don't make swordmen maintain their swords, or spearmen maintain their spears (which would break every other fight, altough this is not accounted for in the rules).

I see no reason for why a player should be more vigilanr about their weapon just because they choose to be ranged. Ammunition for a bow is extremely simple to make, it shouldn't be such a cumbersome responsibility on the player to keep track of. Just assume the badass warrior player character is on top of his/her shit, unlike the actual player.
We do this in so many things when playing D&D. Why are arrows such a weird deviation?

(Kol_Saresk) #39

Apparently because the rules say otherwise and better late than never to start following them.

(banned) #40

Why do people keep conflating keeping an amount of ammo on you and weapon maintenance?

Would the better comparison not me maintaining one's bow?

(Typoko) #41

I see it as maintaining the ability to fight as whole. Player characters are most of the time heroes that should be able to maintain their needs or they wouldn't really be that heroic. Any ranger worth a sack of salt needs to be able to make some kind of an arrow. Much like casters can have a component pouch (PHB p. 151) for their spells and they don't need to gather any extra ingredients after the first purchase. They just go about their business and collect extra stuff on the go.

(Paul Robinson) #42

It certainly wasn't a rule for Sean as Adam was hot on him for using up nearly all his bolts.