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Any Torment : Tides of Numenera backers? or people planning to play the game


(Might be Captain Marvel) #1

I was wondering if you were planning to redeem the key (or purchase the game) on steam or GOG?

This is going to be my first cRPG :itmejphappy:

(Kol_Saresk) #2

Didn't hear about it until today. Gonna look it up. Might buy it when I have the funds.

(Might be Captain Marvel) #3

Oh nice.

Just to make it easier for you and to others that did not hear of the game here are the store pages

Its a Kickstarter game made by inXile Entertainment (The Wasteland games)

(crowly_) #4

One of the few games I've kickstared. Looking forward to this, Planescape: Torment is a great game and this is the spiritual successor.

(Might be Captain Marvel) #5

Do you mind if I ask on which platform you will be redeeming your key on?

I'm torn between the two :upside_down:

(crowly_) #6

That's an easy choice, GOG for a drm free game.

(DragyDevi) #7

I really want to play this game but I have a huge backlog of RPGs. Let me know how the game is.

(Might be Captain Marvel) #8

Just checked the torment site and you can now claim a GOG key for the game. I just redeemed it :itmejp10:

(crowly_) #9

So far a good spiritual successor to Planescape: Torment. This game has a lot of dialog and text, so if you don't like reading this is not the game for you. I'm still in the beginning and so far there has only been one fight (that can be avoided by choosing the right dialogue options) not counting the tutorial fight, so I have the impression this is an rpg that is not very combat focused (unless you seek it out, but I'm not sure about this).

(reavor) #10

Just finished the game. Very similar to PST in story and feel but also felt quite a bit shorter. also, a ton of throwbacks to PST throughout the game. I like the numenera setting but I'm not convinced by the whole stat-pool mechanic, felt very easy to abuse with rest locations being plentiful and time not mattering for most things. overall maybe a 3.5/5

(Might be Captain Marvel) #11

How long did it take you to finish the game?

(reavor) #12

a bit less than 40 hours, including testing going down dialogue branches multiple times in slightly different ways to weigh the outcomes and testing different strategies for completing quests.

(Might be Captain Marvel) #13

Thanks :smiley:
I only played a bit of it before getting sidetracked by other games. Slow start for me, but I am not really a crpg player.

(Twitch: PerilousPlanet) #14

Huge fan of Planescape, heard good and bad things about Numenera though. So undecided as to whether or not I will actually check it out. I feel like I've been spoiled by the fully voiced Divinity though :frowning:

(Monstercloud1) #16

What I've heard about it, and someone might want to confirm/refute this, it sounds like the game sounds disappointingly easy in a "None of my choices matter, because I'll reach the end regardless" sort of way.

(Might be Captain Marvel) #17

A friend of mine told me I had to back the kickstarter :stuck_out_tongue:

(reavor) #19

The game is fairly easy, at least compared to Planescape, Pillars of Eternity etc. There are some ways of manipulating the end choices depending on how you have been playing the game. and your actions for various side quest produce different results in the epilogue