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What games and/or players would you like to see in a future One-Shot?


(Might be Captain Marvel) #61

I have been looking up RPG systems and I found a bunch of superhero RPGs that are different to Masks which was more about kid heroes. Mutants and Masterminds, World in Peril and Savage lands with a superhero addition. Not familier with these systems but would love another superhero show at some point.

(Adhitthana) #62

I realise I'm wayyyyy late to this party but there's an RPG in development called Fragged Empire that looks dope as heck. Strippin, Anne and Zeke immediately jump to mind for that game.

(im4u2nv000) #63

I guess this thread is dead. But I thought I would post here vise tweeting the very busy JP. I would love to see Vechs, Aureylain, and maybe some one from tha yougscast group. They all have big followings and are into role playing games. Please @itmeJP

(Twitch: eyearcana) #64

I want Matt Colville in a game, it was cool to see @AdamKoebel and Matt playing together at the Stream of Annihilation.

(disusedgenius) #65

With all the love Star Trek: Bridge Crew has been getting on the stream, I feel like it's worth mentioning that I managed to get a little taster session of Star Trek Adventures at the UK Games Expo over the weekend and thought that it played pretty nicely.

It's a riff on Modiphius' d20 system, which I hadn't played before but it reminded me a little bit of Star Wars/FATE in that there's little tussles over advantage points between the players and the GM as each side tries to improve their position. There's also nice little touches like being able to tag out and play a redshirt for away missions.

The Limited Edition is certainly nifty as well if you love your nerd tat.

Anyway, it's not out until August but it certainly looks promising.

(timofgatcity) #66

Anne for sure, shes been crushin on Blades, Id love to see John Harper as a character long term His Grim character was a lot of fun Dan would be great too.