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Thoughts and Condolences

(banned) #1

Thought it might be a nice thing to make a thread giving thoughts and condolences to JP (and family) during this rough time.

If this isn't the sort of thing for the community site that's perfectly cool too. Just thought a general "good vibes" thread might be alright.

So anyways, my thoughts and regards. Don't be too hard on yourself, dedication to your passion isn't a weakness, and I respect you for it.

(corran1189) #2

I don't involve myself here much because I don't have the time, but I do watch all the Rollplay shows as soon and as often as I can. I felt it was important though to mirror Jabba's thoughts. My sincerest condolences on your loss. I can't imagine losing any of my grandparents. I also can understand working to the last minute and respect the level of passion you bring to everything you're a part of. Hopefully you'll still have some time with your family to mourn. It always sounds corny, but best wishes anyway man!

(Cryptology) #3

Indeed. My thoughts are with JP and his family. It's tough to lose a family member, and the events that transpired don't make it any easier.

JP: Take care of yourself, man. We appreciate everything you create, and your dedication to your job, but it's hard to see what a tough position it has put you in. I hope you are able to spend the time you and your family need to mourn your loss!