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The Metamorphica gets Revised

(banned) #1

So you remember in SS where Sicarian got that fear tentacle from? I don't know if @AdamKoebel ever mentioned it to @iNcontroLTV, but it was from a book called the Metamorphica.

Adam mentioned before on twitter that it was getting revised (linked this blog post):

Thought some might be interested. in it.

I wonder if we might be seeing it in Die-Kea from Crendor.

RollPlay One Shot DIE-KEA thread
(sythmaster) #2

This was also mentioned as a possible way for Crendor to find interesting mutations for his upcoming DIe-KEA oneshot.

(banned) #3

Yeah I wasn't going to mention it because it was stated in the Patreon vid.

Never said one way or the other if it was going to be used.

(AdamKoebel) #4

It's my fave agnostic supplement and it's even better. I'm so pleased.

(banned) #5

I only knew it got revised because you mentioned it on twitter actually lol.

(destraudo) #6

holy shit was Geoff's power in swansong picked at random????

Does this mean he could have ended up with super long fur or danger teleporting or naruto bullshit???

(banned) #7

It was rolled and the result was consulted.

Adam didn't just pick something random.

I'm pretty sure that Adam kept it in a certain section of mutations for results. which you can do by number grouping.

(Kol_Saresk) #8

Now I just see Mr. Sicarian using the Sexy Jutsu.

(destraudo) #9

i just wanted long fur so he could be Mr. Sicbearian