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The Future is Burning


(banned) #1

On his most recent community check in @AdamKoebel talks about his deep burning desire to have a Rollplay: Burning Wheel game, and talks some about how the Live Show is going to go and the general feelings about it.

First bit of the video for Swan Song.

About 21 minutes in for Burning Wheel discussion

(VyRe40) #2

Bloodborne-inspired Burning Wheel sounds beautiful.

A quick thought about community engagement: what if we (the community) picked "factions" we wanted to be on (Team Empire/Rebel, but way more involved), then we'd do community votes somehow deciding what our faction/team does in the world?

Or, as an alternative/easier version of this, the factions we vote for become more powerful in some way, giving them more influence in accordance with their "rank"? Like, if the Church of the Holy Abyss is the most popular faction out of a list of 7 that week, perhaps they get 7 die to roll on one faction action?

Just spit-ballin.

(Kol_Saresk) #3

I have no idea what you're talking about, but that sounds awesome. Sounds a bit like the Swan Song factions, but instead of just @AdamKoebel trying to roleplay the factions, he could instead use community input to determine how things work out, and then his job would be just fluffing it into the background.

The only problem I could see is that in Swan Song, some of the factions hit a natural death where they either ceased to exist or were subsumed by another faction. A community based faction system could get in the way or make that difficult because there will always be portions of the community who don't want to see the faction they're rooting for die or change because of the natural death. At the same time, it could be a boon because it could help force a change on the players' status quo, much like the faction-play in Swan Song did.

(VyRe40) #4

I suppose it would be better if the community just gave the factions "weekly power", but completely subjective to Adam's vision and the events of the game. A minor disclaimer, I suppose.

I was commenting on Adam's dream of a grand Burning Wheel campaign. He's been thinking about how to involve the community in such an endeavor.

(banned) #5

It'd probably just be simpler to keep the idea of trait voting and leave the faction stuff to a more involved system.

(yourcrazyuncledave) #6

All I know is having Geoff and Wheat in that lineup would be great. I would also love to see Andrew in a Rollplay show too. Gritch was an excellent character, for instance.

(banned) #7

He mentioned wanting Geoff and Zeke, but wanting women for the other spots if possible, so Wheat seems unlikely based on this hypothetical dream game.

(yourcrazyuncledave) #8

That's right! I mis-remembered that from watching the video yesterday.

It is probably pretty unlikely to get Andrew on there too, for the reason you mention. Generally though, it would be great to get them on that show or another. An AW one shot maybe?

Super hype about the Swan Song Live show. That was an excellent series. I cheered; I teared; I feared for the crew's safety. I kind of wish, at the very end of the show, Erik would have turned to inter-dimensional Piani and professed his love as his last words before doing the deed and completing the ritual. But what we got was great and well done either way. Can't wait to see the group chemistry with another pro like Mr. Mercer in the mix.

(AdamKoebel) #9

I guess it's just too bad for them. :smiley:

(banned) #10

Change or Die, sounds like the Koebel House motto. Or, maybe something like:

Death is the Weakest Consequence.

(VyRe40) #11
Personally, Erik's feelings for Piani came off as more like a puppy-dog-crush, not so much full-blown love. Not to take away Steven's agency of the character - if he ever says that Erik was in love with her, I'd believe it. But otherwise, I think a better turn on that could be something like:

"You know, Piani... If I had another chance, I would have liked to take you out some time. But I'm not very good at that sort of thing, so... Here we are." Or something suitably awkward for Erik.


(banned) #12

Love is love, no matter the degree.

One's lust is another's "puppy love" is another devotion.

No reason to quantify it.

(VyRe40) #13

To me, love between people is a mutual feeling and shared experience.

I hesitate to label someone's crush as love when the feeling is resoundingly not mutual. One tremendous pitfall of modern storytelling is training kids that romantic pursuit is love and placing people on a pedestal is somehow desirable (and not, in fact, often disturbing and creepy). Wanting someone just doesn't seem like love to me, even though you may come to love each other with time.

The core of my opinion when "quantifying" love is that I've known far, far too many guys that think a crush is "true love" and use that as an excuse to be a stalker. Their lust, devotion, and puppy-love is not love when it only goes one way.

But! Friends can still love each other, and just be friends.

(Jewbobicus) #14

The degrees of love are exceptionally important. They often starkly define our relationships, and the lengths we are willing to go for a person. Maternal or Paternal love, versus platonic love of close friends, vs love for your wife vs love for a new girlfriend vs love-like feelings for that girl you see sometimes in class that you're never going to talk to.

All of those can be called love, but completely change the relationship in context with the degree and type.

(banned) #15

Right, but the context we were speaking in was not parental, nor platonic. It was a specific situation.

(Jewbobicus) #16

Right and the context matters.

The degree of love does matter. Not sure you can really claim that "one's lust is another's puppy love etc". The refer to different things. So there is reason to quantify it. Once you do, you have a context, and that context let's us determine if it even would be appropriate last words for Erik. Of course it's all speculation in the end without word from Steven himself on Erik's feelings.

(Joshkie1973) #17

In reguards to Erik and Piani.

Love and Lust let's not confuse the two.

I feel that all to often we as a society confuse or don't understand the difference between love and lust for reasons that I won't get into right now.

To me lust is all about the 'I'. I want this thing, or I want to be with this person. It can be possessive and worrying only about how we feel in the moment. This is when it is taken to the extreme, and it doesn't necessarily need to be a bad thing as we do need some desire to want to be together.
If lust is all about the 'I', what is loves focus?

To me love is all about 'them.' It's about the ability to take the 'I' out of the equation and being able to ask what is best for that person you purport to care about. It's about being honest with yourself, and respecting them enough to care what is best for them. Respecting their wishes even if it's not what you want.

There also needs to be a love of self and the ability to recognize that the object of our desire is not always the best thing for us.

In any healthy relationship there needs to be a balance between love and lust. Love is not lust and lust is not love.

In the end what the character Erik choose says a lot.

(Twitch: eyearcana) #18

@AdamKoebel also mentioned he had an upcoming project with Geek and Sundry. That sounds interesting.

(banned) #19

Probably a guest on Critical Role. Since Mercer's been on 3 Rollplay shows at this point.

(VyRe40) #20

Yeah, was thinking about that. He'd have to be there till Friday, though (CR Thursday nights), so I wonder if that would fit in with his schedule... Maybe he's doing stuff with some of the extended Co-Optional gang? *Or doing some other game for G&S, since they do a lot on their channel.