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Stars Without Number House Rules?


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So @AdamKoebel mentions this:

So @OneSevenDesign mind sharing those House Rules by chance?

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Yea I would be super interested in seeing these House Rules and possible Character Sheet redesigns.

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From watching the entire show, as well as playing SWN for over a year, some of the house rules I've gleaned are.

Giving skill checks the same 6- 7-9 and 10+ divisions as most PbtA games, and including partial successes. By default, SWN has a binary pass/fail with a fictionally/arbitrarily chosen target number.

Giving players the ability to help each other on rolls. That's not a thing in the rules.

Using Culture skills similar to Circles from Burning Wheel is new as well. Culture is normally just knowledge/behavior.

Also, at character creation he had the characters start at max HP instead of rolling for it. For future levels he used the mechanics as normal, but he didn't want characters with 1 hit point.

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Isn't the Rewarding experience for accomplishing goals and drives also a house rule?

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Yeah, your right it is. SWN by default basically says to the GM 'handout XP how you want', as shown by these parts of the book. So it is a house rule addition, but not one that changes existing rules.

Characters are awarded experience points by the GM upon accomplishing certain goals, defeating meaningful enemies, or plundering insufficiently guarded wealth. It’s often wise to have a word with the GM at the start of a campaign to find out just what sort of activities earn experience in his game; some GMs only award experience for accomplishing story goals, while others might only hand out rewards for acquiring great wealth. Experience point awards for defeating enemies tend to be nominal unless related to some story goal; the usual reward for winning a combat is your character’s continued existence.

The table provided gives examples of rewards appropriate to a character of a given level. To determine the total award for an adventure, simply take the highest PC level in the group and multiply by the number of PCs. Th e third column shows the average number of adventures it will take for an Expert to gain a level using the award given. Warriors and Psychics will rise slightly more slowly. If you prefer a faster or slower rate of advance, just alter the numbers accordingly.

About half of this reward should be hidden or otherwise contingent on exceptionally good performance. Their employer might put up half the sum as payment for their services, with the other half consisting of loot they may or may not pick up in the course of their duties. The ancient alien complex might have some valuables in relatively plain sight, while the rest require more careful searching or puzzling out certain mysteries.