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Something Personally Odd Concerning The Grim

(banned) #1

I know the rules of Dark Heresy (and Dark Heresy Second Edition) pretty well.

It's such an odd feeling watching others, who are less familiar with them grappling with them.

I don't know what's really equivalent, because people don't have to deal with me not knowing Dungeons and Dragons like at all. Maybe it's what my group sees when they watch me fail at Pathfinder repeatedly.

Anyways, not a bad thing, it was just very odd.

I'm super excited to watch it tomorrow and hopefully I can use that knowledge to throw page numbers at Geoff should he be taking that stuff from chat.

(Typoko) #2

I hope they don't get too stuck on the minutia of the rules. One off shows should just roll with the punches. I would still prefer if the players would look up and try to memorize the possible standard actions they can take.

Character creation is one of or if not the the biggest hurdles of the system and at least they have done most of it beforehand. Other than that, Geoff seems like a good GM to wing it on a game like this. 40k as a setting is the place where people are supposed to be beheaded with a rapier.