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Site Analytics?

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It's been a few months now.

How're the numbers?

Did the community site end up doing better over the subreddit after the...unpleasantness?

Any word on that blocked twitch api fix thing?


4k active users.
1,6K posts last month.
1,8k likes last month.
Only 19 topics with no responses last month (mostly your topics actually).
Took about 6 minutes (on avg.) for a post to get a reply last month.

Let's rank by google searches:

Also what's the point of this topic?

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No maliciousness meant. Do I need a point to post a topic now?

Also yeah the rewatch threads generally don't get replies over here. Disheartening slightly.


I'm pretty sure I'm allowed to ask what the point of a topic is :wink:

We assumed that only half would come here.
The goal was an uptake in engagement.
Both far exceeded my expectations.

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I was curious if the initial goals of the site had been met. So I figured I'd ask.


Cool cool. Yeah goals have been exceeded. Engagement was always the main goal. Sometimes you need to take a small step back to take a bigger one forward. One of the coolest things, to me at least, is to see cast members being part of the community rather than being upvoted to the top as soon as they post. Might sound counter intuitive but that small change, to me, changes how the engagement takes place. :revolving_hearts:


7 posts were merged into an existing topic: Do you guys actually keep up with the Rewatch Series?

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Now, are you supposed to start a new thread for an off topic like this (I don't think its worth it) or is it okay for the subject to develop and change? I'm not strictly sure how threads are supposed to work but i do prefer this to reddit. is the only forum i have used a lot.


There's a lot of leeway in that. So instance I'm going to move some of this to the topic that @Jabba_the_space_gangster linked. But in most cases it's more to do with derailing a topic than it has to do with the ebb and flow of a topic. A topic can always change and that's something that we've seen happen. However there's times where the topic goes way too far away from it's intention or when there's clearly another topic already created where it would fit better.

Since this is still a small topic I don't see any problems.

The reason for moving them to a separate topic is mostly so more people can see them. The more people that can see it the more engagment it potential can have.


A post was merged into an existing topic: Do you guys actually keep up with the Rewatch Series?

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Boom roasted! lol

In other news, as I've started visiting this site more, I do comment more here than I did on the subreddit. It does look nice and inviting, on reddit I'm generally a lurker.