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[Revlo] How to earn salt (revlo points)


(Might be Captain Marvel) #1

You can earn salt (the name of the tokens/points in JP's channel) when the channel is live and you are connected to chat. Check for the total amount of salt you have mined.

1.The schedule

Knowing when a stream is going to air is the first step. Make sure to keep checking the schedule to always be in chat when a stream starts for maximum salt mining!

2. Do not rely on twitch to alert you when a stream goes live

Many times I see people join chat saying “twitch never notified me”. I feel for you, twitch notifications are subpar.

Some alternatives to twitch notifications:

  • A browser extension like ‘Twitch Now’

  • The twitch mobile app’s push notifications - be warned that these are sometimes late

  • Chat clients like chatty( or Tchat for android (
    These clients will alert you when the streams you follow go online and have many other functionalities. Some even prefer using a client like chatty over the web based twitch chat.
  • Discord bots - the bot in JP’s discord will alert people in the server with an “@ everyone” mention to notify them that the stream is live. You can also set up your own discord bot in your server to have that feature. Example:

3. Idling in chat

As JP said a token system is a glorified way to viewbot a channel. Many (including myself) Just keep the channel open in a tab on their browsers most if not all of the time. This way you will always hear the stream starting. However, be warned that twitch sometimes will not start the video player when the stream goes live so this is not foolproof. You can also use the clients I mentioned above to stay connected to chat all the time.


  • Can I earn salt while watching the embedded twitch player on JP's main site
    Yes. [ Checked by community member lildeek12 ]

  • Do I need to be active in chat to earn salt?
    No, just connected to chat when the stream is live.

  • Do I earn salt while watching twitch VODs?
    Sadly you do not.

  • Is watching the stream live the only way to earn salt?
    It is the main way to earn salt. You also get bonus salt if you are a twitch sub, a youtube sub, and a follower of JP's twitter. You do need to connect your account on revlo to make sure it counts the bonus salt.

(TheDesec) #2

But tell me, Noor, I have all this delicious Salt now. What can I do with it?

I like the charity thing that is on right now. Anyone who didn't know what to do with salt before (thinking of the other thread) should dump theirs there. :itmejpcute::itmejpgg:

(BorisIgnatievich) #3

I was idled in JPs channel yesterday while playing overwatch on ps4 - but the stream never started for me - chat was active but I still had the offline thing, and because I was playing games I wasn't paying attention to chat enough to see it was discussing live stuff.

Do I still get salt there, and does JP get the benefit of 1 extra viewer, or only from the point I refreshed and actually had the stream playing?

(TheDesec) #4

I believe that as long as you are in chat, Revlobot will count you in. Not 100% sure, though.

(Kol_Saresk) #5

You also get salt frombeing subscribed. Which is a great work around for those who can't watch live. That said, fastest way to build up salt would be to watch and be subscribed.

(It's Alive, It's Alive, IT'S ALIVE!!!!) #6

When MSI get off their arse and ship me my motherboard back we are going to look into earning salt from the community site to plus I have some other ideas I want to run past the others too :slight_smile:

(Mardymarve) #7

Do you earn salt for watching VODs or is it just live watching?

(boeiee) #8

It is just live watching.

(Kol_Saresk) #9

And participating chat I believe, because it does say you have to be commected to chat.

I don't know if that's a difference or not, but if it is, it's one to know.

(Might be Captain Marvel) #10

No, you do not have to be actively chatting in chat, just be connected to it.

and sorry no @Mardymarve you can not earn salt while watching VODS.

(Might be Captain Marvel) #11

I believe you were connected to chat and should have been earning salt. you were in chat even though the player did not start.

(Kol_Saresk) #12

Ah, thank you for the clarification, because I honestly wasn't sure if it was needed.

(Might be Captain Marvel) #13

added an FAQ section to the post. If there is anything else people feel should be added please do not hesitate to tell me :slight_smile: