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Patreon Q&A questions?


(banned) #1

JP and Adam mention the possibility of doing a Q&A of sorts at some point, so I thought making a thread with questions me might want answered would be good.


Can we get some more discussion on the whole fate of the subreddit situation?

Has there been anything you've been disappointed with concerning how the Patreon has gone/how the channel has grown recently?

What is the one system you would really want to be in, and want to run? Yes JP you too.

(Might be Captain Marvel) #2

The subbredit has been discussed a lot. There is even a portion of the FAQ dedicated to it

Also lets not get into that discussion again here please.

(banned) #3

Not by JP and Adam it hasn't. JP only posted a tweet about it. Hardly a comment at all.

And I know it's been discussed here, I became pretty heavily involved with it all.

(Insomnia131) #4

Can you please just stop about subreddit? Its gone dude and that is it.

(Might be Captain Marvel) #5

moved to RollPlay:General since its about the RollPlay Patreon. Also please stay on topic.

(banned) #6

I mean seems hardly possible since the only thing people want to do is gripe on me about an opinion apparently.

(boeiee) #7

I do not have a certain question down yet but for the next patreon QnA i would love to see John be in it.

EDIT: Now that i think about it, Idk how much he has to do with rollplay/patreon compared to Adam so not sure if that QnA would be a good fit.

(Allcor) #8

Will there be a RSS feed or similar to the patreon mp3's?

Will I be able to add the feed to pocket cast ? (authentication needs to be in the link, "http://[username]:[password]@[feed]")