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[LIVE SHOW] Swan Song Live


(KDolecek) #122

I'd be one of the people very interested in it. The vision of the video message haunts me.

(Gert_julius) #123

AMAZING!!! Just done with YT VoDs (To poor for twitch this month:(), and HOLY SHIIIIII.... Superb job @itmeJP, @djWHEAT, @iNcontroLTV, Matt Nercer, and especially @AdamKoebel. I've been a fan of your story telling since episode 1 and everything you touch as a narrator since then.
Just WOW!

If enough traction or want from yourself, would you ever consider writing novels about your universes? Swan Song, Mirrorshades, Court of Swords, anything else you might have conceived but never shared/let see the light of day ?

And a quick shout-out to the "merging" (or intersections or cross relations) of two of my favorite storytellers, @AdamKoebel and Matt Mercer. You guys work really well together (so does the rest of the crew, but ya'll have known each other awhile. And I think @itmeJP made his own and my dream come true seeing Matt stepping over a couple of times now, to RollPlay.

It's so bittersweet... THE FEELS!!!!!!!

(Nummi_) #124

@AdamKoebel that scene hit me hard as well. Everything ends and that is sad for us humans. Loss and oblivion.
I like how this show touched on that sorrow and fear so tastefully so many times during its course.

I am going to miss this universe and characters very very much. I have cried, laughed, and sought relief from depression watching this show. A most heartfelt thank you to all of you: @itmeJP @iNcontroLTV @djWHEAT Steven and Matthew. I can't justify in words how much this show has moved me, y'all will just have to take my word for it.

(Covert_Madness) #125

A little late to the party but I just finished the episode.

Was there any direct or indirect link between Eriks sacrifice and the final ending?

(uncecio) #126

So, I just finished to binge watch the whole swan song show, because I watched the live show without knowing anything and i've loved it. It's a story filled with emotions that makes you reflects during the whole show about big topics such as contradictions and human relations. In a moment you wonder about the meanings of things and in another it makes you giggle and feel sad and happy and makes you care for the characters so much, it's amazing.
In the and there is just to say that all of you guys did a wonderful job, @AdamKoebel @itmeJP, @djWHEAT, @iNcontroLTV, Steven and Matt that was playing the point of view that made me able to enjoy the live anyway.

Thank you! :yellow_heart:

here, have some alien animals cracker (that scene made me giggle a lot)