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Ice_poseidon Ban and IRL streaming

(RaevnEldaer) #81

Just hope @itmeJP could answer here and tell me if he would be willing to discuss or mention it. Or maybe just drop his thought on why not here? I completely understand there could be several good reason why it could be problematic for jp to have the topic on the show. But I would be happy to see your thought or problems with that @itmejp :smiley:

(banned) #82

DF is cancelled this week so unlikely.

Secondarily this is not a thread to ask JP questions in. That's this thread:

Even at that JP hasn't answered on that in a while.

Although JP does read the forums it's rare he weighs in on anything. Same with back when it was a subreddit.


Afaik you're not allowed to have banned Twitch users on your own stream as a partnered streamer.

(RaevnEldaer) #84

Yeah, I know. :slight_smile: I rather see someone from twitch talk about it anyway tbh

(RaevnEldaer) #85

Sorry if I gave off the impression I'm like calling jp out or something. I am genuinely interested in Jps thought on the subject. And if this is something he either isn't comfortable with, interested in or can't bring up on the show.

But I don't want to force jp to take a stand or opinion or whatever on such a hot button topic. Its not like it has anything to do with him personally anyways.

I'm not going to ask him on that thread, hopefully he'll read some of this thread. If he feels like he can contribute or wants to share his opinion he will.

It would still be great topic for the show though Cx