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Ice_poseidon Ban and IRL streaming

(RaevnEldaer) #1

Hi, I've been a fan for years. But Please talk about IRL and that fact the TOS does not cover the bases for protecting the streamer from viewers and themselves. I think it would be wrong to use Paul as guinea pig, besides this will happen with future IRL streamers so Twitch should take an official stance and do a TOS overhaul NOW while they have the chance.

Jp you should have him on the show, or at least talk about it pref with someone from twitch. This show would be the perfect place for this kind of discussion. But i'm afraid you guys won't talk about something like this because it's too controversial.

He's a young impulsive guy and can't be completely to blame for his ill behaved community. Twitch should have some responsibility in protecting their streamers before it get to the point it has with Ice_Poseidon.
It was all very predictable.

I've deleted my twitch account and missing it badly. This is a new ghost account for using this community. But I refuse to support the platform if twitch does not address this properly in some official capacity.

Thanks for reading and hope its gets some attention cx

(Might be Captain Marvel) #2

Speaking for myself, and after looking up who this person is and why he got banned. I think this an issue kept between him and twitch.

(banned) #3

Do you have a link for anything concerning it?

I can't find a thing, and I'd like some materials to read and at least have an idea of what was going on to have an informed opinion on the matter.

(Might be Captain Marvel) #4

Don't know the full details of what happened or watched the videos linked. I don't really want to

(RaevnEldaer) #5

I am sorry. But it really isn't. This can only end with someone getting harmed or worse, killed. Unless twitch takes a stand and figures out the best way to protect their platform and streamers from these kind of threats. By using streamers on the IRL platform as guinea pigs, banning them of violations of rules yet to be written, they only incentivise this kind of behaviour in twitches user base. These are serious offenses with legal ramifications, costs and risk of real people, and should be addressed as so. Unless twitch does something, I feel like someone will get harmed at some point and twitch might be liable or not, but they'll just end up closing irl section down because of the risks. By reacting now they can prevent that from happening and make a safe platform for streamer to live blog.

Paul Deneno(Ice_Poseidon) Has been harassed for a long time and been punished for it. He has tried to take steps but he needed more help from twitch directly I think.

To summarize this is much bigger than only Ice_Poseidon being banned and his viewer base being upset...

(banned) #6

Odd, I wasn't aware you're not supposed to share your location on IRL streams.

(RaevnEldaer) #7

There isn't a rule.They banned him under TOS for self harm AKA revealing his location I guess. But its already confirmed it was premeditated anyway. It would've happen even if he wasn't streaming.

(banned) #8

Premeditated in what capacity?

He purposefully had a viewer call in a bomb threat?

(RaevnEldaer) #9

Heres what happened. You can probably read about everything on, his or destiny SC2 streamers, subreddit

(RaevnEldaer) #10

No, a small vocal majority of his fanbase have been harassing him for a long time. This isn't his fault and has not encouraged it.

(RaevnEldaer) #11

Oh sorry, NOT PREMEDITATED from Ice_Poseidons side, but from a small hacker group who has targeted and swatted him before

(banned) #12

"What can you possibly do..."

That's either sheer ignorance or a setup if I've ever heard one.

Vocal minority or not, that was just really dumb of him if he'd had a history of being harassed by his own community.

(Might be Captain Marvel) #13

Feel free to disagree with me. Protection of streamers is something important I do not deny it at all, in fact I hope Twitch do all they can to protect streamers and streamers themselves take their own precautions. On the other hand I don't like hearing about situations like this for lack of a better word "drama". That is just me of course.

(RaevnEldaer) #14

Like I said this has been happening for a long time, he was directly responding to the hacker who was calling him out. The guy who has harassed him before. Stupid thing to say, and looks horrible out of context. But they wouldve done it anyway and Ice_poseidon didn't actually expect them to go this far. You cant blame him for people breaking the law.

(banned) #15

I can say that he was being ignorant for not giving the person more ammunition.

Sure they may have figured it out, but it would've taken longer likely.

I'm not going to victim blame, obviously the perpetrator (not sure why you keep refering to the person as a hacker to be fair) is the criminal here.

But this Ice person also wasn't being protective of himself.

(RaevnEldaer) #16

Me neither. I'm a natural lurker. I never get involved in anything. But this is arguably destroying a young well meaning guy's livelihood and in worst case scenario someone health of life in the future. I don't think its responsible of twitch to just ignore it.

Anyway. Not trying to cause drama here. Just want to inform, start a discussion and hopefully maybe make twitch talk about it on jps platform or in some other official outlet.

(RaevnEldaer) #17

Yes, but it been going on for a while. Twitch should have clearly told him what to do and not to do, before it got this bad. Just to argue they swatted the wrong plane so it didn't matter the airport found him anyway. So hes leak didn't help em. But this is besides the point, you can argue he should be more careful. But I think you can argue twitch should've been too, when they launched the IRL platform in the first place.

(RaevnEldaer) #18

This could also end up seriously harming a platform we all love in the future too though..-.

(banned) #19

Right, but how is twitch responsible for the person clearly not understanding that his community reacts in this manner when he divulges his location?

I get where you're coming from. They certainly should tell people to be careful about divulging their location. But what can twitch do? Ban channels that tell people where they're at?

At that point why even bother with IRL streaming?

(RaevnEldaer) #20

He does understand. And he has tried. But please tell me how a person with over 10k viewers a stream can a 100 percent protect his location when his job is live streaming IRL walking around and living his life?