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Evil and Rollplay

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A thing I really enjoy about Rollplay is that they have EFFECTIVE evil groups. Evil groups that don't fight with themselves, evil groups that actually accomplish their goals. Be they evil or not.

Now don't get me wrong there has been ineffective evil on Rollplay before, not that it was overly bad or anything, but Any group with Grigori, certain groups in CoS, or Blades is just great. Edit: Forgot about Darkside of all things.

Because sometimes you don't want to watch good guys do good things, good guys do bad things, or even one bad guy do bad things in a group of good people. Sometimes you want to watch bad guys do bad things and do them well.

And I think, if it's feasible, that maybe this could be a focus for a future show. I know Blades lends itself to bad people doing bad things, but maybe that could be an actual choice for whatever is next.

A pre planned "Evil" campaign in whatever will be run.

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The Balance of Power: Dark Side campaign was explicitly this. I think it went pretty much according to plan.

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Except for Jesse not going to jail today lol.

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jedi mind tricks probably

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The Empire did nothing wrong and suffered severe terrorist attacks that destroyed key military assets, leading to the complete destabilization and collapse of an entire galactic government system.

Terrifying really.

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I like that a lot of the "evil" perspectives we've seen so far works along with that old saying that a compelling villain in a story is fundamentally justified or righteous in their motives.

They want to bring order to chaos. They want to avenge the people they loved. They have suffered great injustice from their community. They know of the greater darkness looming beyond the horizon and decided to sacrifice the few to save the many.

It's not that different from the classic hero archetypes, the difference usually lies in the how, rather than the why.

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You're not authorized to have that information, Imperial Citizen 2941. Termination Required...